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Journey Began

Connie B

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And we are all BLESSED with the honor of knowing you because of it!

You are an inspiration, my second mom, the voice of reason and sometimes a real NUT! That's why you are so special!

CONGRATULATIONS and may you have four dozen more!

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My Special Thanks to You All.

I have to say, I don't always feel like an inspiration to everyone, yet, I know how I feel when I look at my friend David P being a 26 year survivor, and my friend Just Rich being a 15 year survivor, and many many others. I also have a dear friend in my Support Group who is a Stage IV lung cancer survivor of (4) years. YES, 4 wonderful years. She did chemo/radiation and now her cancer is stable. NOT gone, but NOT growing!! She has been off her chemo and rad for 3 years and is doing WONDERFULLY!!! So, I have learned NEVER SAY NEVER when it comes to beating this monster. These people along with all those just starting this journey and those that are short term survivors (soon to be LONG TERM) are my hero's.

I have been BLESSED, (NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!) Thankful, grateful, and very happy to be a part of all your lives. I have made SO MANY wonderful freinds along this journey, and I am HONORED to be able to give hope to everyone in need.

Thank you ALL for your continued prayers and encouragement. I hope I can continue to offer HOPE to those that feel they have none. NEVER SAY NEVER!!!! Life is GOOD! And it's a GOOD DAY TO BE ALIVE!



Connie B.

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Happy Belated Anniversary, Connie B. 9 years...... You know, when we first met you were a four year survivor, and I thought to myself, "Connie has been living with this for four years, and if she can do it I can do it." You were the first person to show me that I had a real chance at having a life. You, Connie B., are the reason I didn't give up when I was facing the second thoracotomy...and the third. Up until I "met" you, I didn't know any long term survivors....and then I started meeting others....lots of them.

So here it is....almost 5 years since you and I first met. You're still around, motivating me to keep going. And I'm still around, in part because I listened to what you had to say in the very beginning: Learn all you can about how to fight this disease, then DO IT.

Thank you.


Fay A.

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Dear Connie,

Thank you for being you...When I first joined this family I was so desperately searching for survival stories, and there you were giving your all to someone you didnt even know.. I will be grateful to you forever and consider you a friend.. I remember thinking why is she taking time out for me, who is this angel on earth.I had never known someone with so much compassion, I am being completely honest when I say that Connie. I know my dad would have gotten along great with you..CONGRATULATIONS!!

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Connie B-

THANK YOU! Sweetums', for being the guiding light, inspiration, pep-talker, down-to-earth advisor, and GENTLE HUGGER that you are :!: We love and appreciate you. Congratulations and here's to many more years of communicating with you*clink*. Blessings.

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You were and still are, my lung cancer mentor. You taught more than anyone else about this disease and how to survive. Now it is almost 3 years, and when we first talked, I wasn't going to give a "plug nickel" that I would still be alive today.

When I went to Stage IV, last year, I remembered that there was someone who has been through much more than I have been through, and is still alive to talk about it. You gave me the inspiration as I went through the chemo last summer. You taught me that one never walks alone with lung cancer.

You continue to inspire and you haven't gone off on your own over the years. You have stayed around to help others and I know from personal experience, that you have gone that extra step for many people.

Hey, what's another 9 years. 3288 days, that's what it is. That means you will help another 3288 people and make another 3288 friends along the way. Think you can remember all the names :lol::lol::lol::wink::wink::roll::roll:

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Happy, happy aniversary Connie!!!

Hey, you're catching up! I have no doubt you will be around for many years to come my friend.

Thanks for being there (here) for everyone to lean on since the beginning of the original message board. It was your message about survival stories that inspired me and finally put me into contact with fellow survivors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

On another note -- I attended a Middle School conference last month and learned that next year's National Middle School conference is being held in Minneapolis!! I'm going to try my hardest to secure funding to attend, so don't be too surprised if a strange looking guy shows up at your door next April and gives you a big hug!!! (it'll be me, so don't call the Cops)

Take care Kiddo.


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