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The chemo and radiation all combined to make me feel dried out, so I always had a bottle of water to hand. I remember perspiring profusely, and also breathing through my mouth, also causes of water loss.

Extraordinary thirst with no apparent cause can be a sign of diabetes, so if there is any question, talk to the doctor.



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While taking chemo (and radiation) it is best to drink as MUCH WATER as you can. It helps flush the system and keeps you from getting dehydrated. I drank (still do) at LEAST 2 litres of water a day (3 is better). Don't count things like soda (actually can dehydrate you), coffee, juice or other beverages in your water total! Strange cravings?? I wanted certain things that I either had not had in a long time or probably never had together, lol. One thing I made often was mashed potatoes with cheese and peas (all together). It was easy to swallow (esophogus was burned from radiation) and I liked the taste of it, lol. I also ate a lot of luke warm soup, room temp jello and jelly beans (YES sugar is BAD for you).

According to my Doctor, if you can eat it and keep it down during chemo, go for it, lol.

God Bless,


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Yes, my husband drinks water all day and to top it off- our tap water tastes strange to him-so I always have plenty of bottled water on hand. Strange cravings---for him, it has been watermelon, which he eats at twice a day!! :lol:

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