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The kindness of Strangers..........


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I have a HUGE yard that takes me a good 6 hours to mow (when I can). This spring it has gotten away from me as we have had just enough rain and sun to make the grass grow at the speed of light! Right now it is over a foot tall in some places!

My son used to work for a landscape company here when he was in high school so I called them today to see how much they would charge me to come mow it once so I can (hopefully) get a handle on it for the rest of the season. My son just called me to tell me he had a call from his old boss that they are on the way over to mow it at NO CHARGE! Normally it would have been $75 to $100 to mow it!

I have to think of something nice to do for the crew for being so kind!

I am just so blown away that folks I hardly know find it in their hearts to be so kind (especially when people I know well don't have time for me, lol).

Another of God's blessings!

God Bless YOU all,


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I suspect that the something nice is just being you and has already been taken care of. I, too, have been touched deeply by the extraordinary willingness to do for me. People are eager to help and we just have to be willing to let them. Enjoy your mowed yard.


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Sounds GREAT, Shoog!

Something nice for the crew? Cold drinks, maybe lunch? (Samiches or pizza...)

Thinking about getting sheep or goats?? With sheep, you could make extra money on the wool...with goats, you can sell the milk.... Lawn mowing, fertilizing...and the soft Baaaa-Baaaa to help you sleep...

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I agree with the others Mo, what goes around comes around etc. You are a special lady and I truly hope you enjoy your freshly mown lawn. The samiches sound good to me....along with some nice cold drinks.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayer,


aka Nushka

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Thanks all. By the time I got home from work last night the lawn was mowed and my sons old boss was playing in the front yard with my grandson! He had done it himself (with a HUGE industrial riding mower) and it only took him about 45 minutes. I thanked him profusely and am sending a thank you card to him today.

It was so funny to see when I pulled up in the drive way, he squatted down behind Kayden (my 4 year old grandson) and Kayden told me he had a suprprise, lol. Up popped Kane and of course I had to be surprised (Kane is about 6', 290#), lol. They played Tonka trucks for a few minutes and then Kane went home to play with HIS kids, lol.

I am working out a deal with a couple of guys at our homeless shelter to come mow once a week and that SHOULD keep the yard in good shape this summer. I love my lawn but it has gotten to where it is just to much for me to be able to take care of. Snowflake, I did think about a goat or a couple of sheep but my subdivision does not allow "Farm" animals to be kept outside (and I ain't keeping them INSIDE)!

God Bless,


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Guest KellyB

Mo, I am so glad to see the kindness of others. Even though my 2 sisters and I take turns running over to my Dad's (Mom works full time) to do stuff, his neighbors of 25+ years take his garbage cans in/out plow the snow and even powerwashed the house, God works through us all the time.

Sometimes it is hard to ask for help, sometimes we don't have too :D


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