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I am here, at least physically, who knows mentally ;)


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And as a reminder to myself of how out of it I am, I posted this a second ago and really thought it was in General and I saw my post in Good News when I read reading the board. Thank goodness I was able to delete the post and move it to the appropriate place. Phew ;)


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the APB, it is good for the ego Next time I promise to ask for a pass!!! Between trial and joining on as Food Chairperson for Relay a month before the event, I am going koo koo koo kooo. How the heck did I EVER thing I could organze such an event myself? Geez!!!!!

What happened I think was last week, maybe it was Thurs, I forget, all the days have blurred, I was sitting there fading out in Court listening to boring testimony. Then I felt an aura and I came on and saw that Denise did not get the best news for her mom. And then I started to think further the next day and my heart was breaking for everyone, and then my brain went to how happy I am to have found everyone here and how if my wedding were now instead of when it was, I would do anything I could to have my sisters Nat, Andrea B. and Denise with me and I started to get teary eyed b/c my heart goes out to Nat and Andrea and I worry for Denise. Next thing I know, my boss turns to me and says "What exhibit did they say?" and I was like UH OH, day dreaming!!!!! I didn't hear it either So I decided to try to stay focused, lurk and get the news, but not post until after trial

Oh and then I got sad also for my college roommate, she is single and she really wants to find someone and she can't and I just feel so incredibly lucky to have Brian and I feel her pain. She thinks it is her weight, but I am chubby and I didn't have a problem. She is 31, an accountant, nice girl, I don't get it. So I start to think of lung cancer, cry, think of brian and realize I am lucky, and then I think of my friend who is miserable and cry b/c I have Brian, and then I wonder when cancer is giong to strike next and remember that I need to see the breast surgeon when I get my PPO. My mind is WARPED. However, as my boss wisely said, I KNOW my mind is warped, so itis not as much of a problem since I know Ignoring reality would be a bigger problem

Fay--I want to hit that eye doctor, I really do. Shellie--praying for you.

Trial is very rare for me, I have not gone in the 1 1/2 years since I started this job. I don't speak, I am merely the associate attorney who sits there and does behind the scene stuff (I never want to speak in Court, not my goal to be a trial attorney), but I still have the privilege of working 12-14 hour days (about 3-4 hours of that is driving)So I am run down, tired, and don't get on the computer as much The good news is that I am not thte only one fading, I passed a note to my boss the other day, 3 jurors literally fell asleep. The judge noted it. Thankfully it was when the opposing side was presenting

In other news, my mom HATES radiation, she finds it worse than chemo, the pain is bad. She lost her voice yest though and today they gave her liquid vicadin and she is back to her chirping self

My dad had his cystascope today and no cancer, but he needs possible surgery for an enlarged prostate and they need to find out why he has a zillion kidney stones.

And if anyone even bothered to make it this far down in this rambling post, please help me figure this out. How is it that David's Bridal makes bridesmaid dresses up to size 26, yet NONE have sleeves???? I had an experience in that store which I will save for another time

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Peak a boo, I see You! WOW, I was right, you are being a daughter, attorney, wife, and friend! Pretty good guess don't you think? 8)

Glad to see you post. Please request your hall pass the next time you wish to leave the room. Thank you!

Hang tough girly, all will be over soon. Glad to hear mom is dong better. Will be saying prayers that dad is a-okay as well.

Love & Hugs,


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Welcome back, Andrea. Take a deep breath. BREATHE!! There you go, now relax your shoulders, quit worrying about everybody's health in your family, including your own. Just enjoy each day and take it as it comes. Sounds like everyone is a-ok right now. THAT'S GOOD!! As soon as the trial is over, GO DANCING for crying out loud - you and Brian are so young - get out there and enjoy yourselves.

God loves you,


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You sound like my mom. She wants us to plan a honeymoon as her mother's day gift :) I keep putting it off due to neurosis. First it was wait until my mom has surgery; then until she starts radiation; then until my dad's ct scan; then until my dad's colonoscopy; then until his cystascope today. Now all I have left is my breast appt sometime and my mom's next scan. Oh wait, I am female and my mom has lung cancer. I guess I will be having breast appointments and she will be having scans at least once a year for the rest of our lives :) So it really is illogical not to plan a trip. See, I can see the illogicalness of my thinking :lol: That means I am normal :D

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For the honeymoon - give Brian your calendar and let HIM schedule it. Bypass of neurosis...

Go through the brochures together, decide on something fun - my suggestion would be a cruise or an all-inclusive resort (although Da Boat will NOT have a ship-to-shore phone in your room and could be a FAR BETTER choice for you to actually GET AWAY)...but let him schedule it.

Another suggestion would be to do it BEFORE all the "boob-age" issues. There may be some follow up involved that will put buckshot in your calendar and make finding a week or whatever without an appointment of SOME kind an impossibility.

As those ladies on the Titanic learned, ya never know what life may bring, be sure to eat dessert! Get going, girl, you have some PLANNING to do, some pre-honeymoon shopping to do...and a need to have something POSITIVE to look forward to and DO!

Be a Nike girl, Just DO It!

...and have fun!

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Andrea, go on a cruise, they are the best most relaxing vacations that I take. For relaxation, GO in MAY, before the kids are out of school, for at least 7 days. (You can probably get a mini-suite/balcony on Princess to the Virgin Islands for about 950.00 each, plus airfare.)

If I did not feel so cr*ppy now, my husband and I would be right there with you!

Also, the ships do have ship-to-shore phones in the room and internet cafes (not real cheap). But the last time I was in USVI, I was able to call home on my cell.

Take care and go on your honeymoon. Don't wait for a convenient time or you will never go!

FYI, I am a size 2 and have never worn a bridemaid's dress that looked good on anyone... Sleeveless? My arms are too skinny. I think it is a conspiracy to make sure that the bride is the star...


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Ok, so I took all of the suggestions. I made a comment today to Brian that my dad has to go for another ct-scan, I may not get my PPO until June to go to the breast dr, and g-d knows what will happen with my mom and that I am afraid to plan a honeymoon, but that is ok, but it is the boy's job anyway :):) I just left it at that and we;ll see what he does ;)

As for the dresses, wow, a size 2. You know Jerrye there is a saying, you can never be too rich or too thin ;) Heeehee. Just kididng. That is the JEALOUSY in me just wanting to be a normal size in clothing.

I do have to say, my bridal party all looked great in their dresses, I wanted them to overshadow me as the big blob in white :) The way I did it was each girl got to pick their own dress, but they were the same color. I went with apple red.

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