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Tips for food for events


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I have learned a little bit being the Foodchair for my local Relay for Life. I just thought I'd share a couple of tips in case people ever want food donations for an event, or even if you are doing a booth somewhere and want food donated: most bagel shops will donate their "day olds"and most donut shops will donate 10 dozen donuts just by asking.

As for chain restaurants such as Mimi's Cafe, if you want them to give a gift certificate as a prize, simply call corporate and it is easy to get!

Also supermarkets donate food to events--I honestly never knew that :) Food attracts people :)

And finally, many places such as Subway allocate a certain budget for donations, so if you know of an event in advance, call them early in the year, and a donation you may get :)

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Most soda companies will donate product or the use of machines (if it is not being sold already) if you ask them. They are also a good bet for signage (of course it will also say coke or pepsi, lol). Another good place to get donations (money, gift certificates) (and you might think this is funny) is tobacco companies! They all have a budget for this type of thing and they really do like to donate lol.

God Bless,


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