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Interesting comment on lung cancer.....


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Snowflake is going to be sorry she asked where I was and I got PMs from her post, now I am unstoppable and am clogging up the boards :)

For Relay they want each team to adopt a mission to provide a message about a cancer or something related to cancer. My team is lung cancer and the message is that you don't have to smoke to get it.

So anyway, someone whined at the meeting "why are there so many lung cancer booths?" and I thought back to all those articles that have been posted here about LC being in the news lately and I said "because more women die from LC each year than from breast and gynecological cancers combined".

What I said was logical, but how I said it :oops: When I made the remark, and this was the SECOND time I had done this, I pointed to breast and gynecoloogical area as I said it. Oh well, I guess I got the point across :)

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Hmmmm....wonder how Brian would have felt if you had used HIM as your "map" for adding in prostate and colon cancer....

Okay, do NOT follow through on THIS idea... Play Doh - many colors, and an old fashioned scale that has the plates on each side, like in a mining camp assay office for weighing gold...got the visual? Put big lungs on one side, making them heavier than what you will put on the other side - a visual reminder of the colon, et al. Bet THAT would get a lot of attention...LOL

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