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opinions on herbs etc....


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I was wondering if anyone here has had any good results from herbs such as green tea.. essiac or this other thing called graviola capsules. So many people have reccommended these things but I'm a bit leerie of messing with my chemo treatment, My nurse did say green tea is ok as long as it doesn't contain ginseng. I would love to hear what everyone thinks about this. :-)


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There are differing schools of thought on whether to take supplements during chemotherapy.

I would certainly clear anything with my onc before taking it in the midst of chemo treatments. Chemo is so tough and it would be devastating to be taking some supplement that ultimately took away the effectiveness of chemo treatments.

My onc said a multi-vitamin was fine--even moderate vit C supplements would be fine, but to hold off on anti-oxidants until after chemo is through. I took the multi-vitamin, but did away with the vitamin c and I also quit the baby aspirin I have been taking--I think it interfered with my blood counts.

She also wanted me to wait for a month before using any supplements, which I did. I wanted to get everything out of the chemo that was possible and not take anything to counteract it's effect.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

This is from another post - I'm quoting myself in the following. My onc knew I was taking all of the following. In fact my rad onc suggested adding tumeric to ease effects of radiation. When I had esophagitis, I was unable to take them and noticed my white and red cells plummeting. When I got back on track so did my blood. Coincidence? Maybe.

They do not advise taking vitamins C or E during treatment.

From other post:

I also have SCLC. I take some supplements that seem to have helped my immune system. I take Kyo-Green powder, a teaspoon mixed in water. This is supposedly very beneficial and has helped many people. I take acidophillus to control yeast infection which is common with cancer and the treatment. I drink Essiac tea which also has a wonderful reputation in the complementary medicine area. I drink also banchu twig tea or kukicha twig tea.

I take tai chi but chi kung (videos everywhere) is supposed to be better. It somehow helps with the lymph system and studies in China have shown tremendous increase in survival in cancer patients using chi kung. Chi Kung can be restful and refreshing and easy for a klutz like me to do. Tai Chi can be too frustrating at this point.

I also take B-100 complex, milk thistle and dandelion for my liver. I take also Vitamin C, E, Magnesium and many others. I may have only a statistical 1% chance of beating this disease but I'm fighting every inch.

I do meditation while using a personal CD playing such CDs as "Healing Mantras". This helps me tremendously. I am amazed at how it almost automatically brings me into a state of (near) relaxation.

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I recently began seeing an Integrative Doctor, who has suggested several supplements to me as well as a liquid green tea extract. I too was told not to take anything more than a multi-vitamin during chemo.

However, if the chemo nurse/doctor has given the OK for green tea, the kind my doctor recommended was the original green tea extract made by www.herbasway.com -- apparently one dropperful into a cup of warm water gives the benefits of 15 cups of regular green tea....with no caffiene.

If you search in the "Alternative" forum, I am sure you will find a lot of recommendatins and advice -- just make sure you run them by your mom's doctor first!

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Well my husband's Dr says its ok for him to take Mannatech supplements, they are plant sugars, (ambrotose) high grade multi-vitamins, amino acids, and phyto-aloe, (a green food containing broccoli,cabbage,aloe vera, carrots, etc). They seem to help with the side effects of chemo. We have seen some videos of people who have been cured of cancer taking the ambrotose plant sugars. (LUNG CANCER INCLUDED!) They call this new thing "glycoscience" and "glycobiology". Rob is taking large doses of the ambrotose now since the cancer has grown. We will let everyone know if this works!


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