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Sorry I have been MIA


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Dear all,

I'm sorry I have been MIA these last few weeks.

Things became a tad too crazed in my life and I really didn't have the emotional energy to check the board--let alone contribute much. Please accept my apologies.

As you may have read, Geoff and I did have the great pleasure of meeting Denise in Central Park (New York City) at the second annual TLG Classic, as well as the dedicated and determined family and staff related to this event (that raised over $500,000 on Sunday for lc research at Memorial Sloan Kettering).

As you may have also read, Denise and her family need our thoughts and prayers right now.

As for me--I have gotten strep throat and pneumonia from my fifth graders (at least I didn't get scarlet fever, like one of them!). So, even though I have 1,000,001 things to do; my boss at school on my case for being out sick; and incredible guilt that I have "contaminated" Geoff so that he can't risk seeing his mom for a few days--my body is FORCING me to listen to it and REST.

The horrible part about it is that with the strep (hoarse) and the pneumonia (bad cough)--I sound so much like Geoff's mom does now. He used to come home to get a break from that stressful, worrisome sound--and now he is trapped with me making it (albeit, in a far less serious situation).

The poor, poor man.

The FAR more important news is that his mother made it through two weeks of WBR with limited side effects--is on a week's break :) -- and goes in for a CT scan on Friday.

We all want to thank you so much for all of your thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes. I have been remiss in not responding to many of your kind thoughts; a fact for which I am truly sorry. I just found it very emotionally difficult to be on the board recetly, for some reason. I don't really know why. Please forgive me for being both rude and weak.

Back to bed for me.



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Hi Melinda,

Oh I'm sorry your not feeling up to par. BUMMER!!!! Those little kids (GOD LOVE 'EM) are so good an passing there little bugs off on us big kids!!! :roll::roll: You need to rest. (sorry, that's the mother in me coming out one AGAIN)! :wink:

I'm also glad to hear the TLG Classic went so well and that you were able to attend it. THANK YOU!

So glad to here your mom-in-law did so well with her radiation. YIPPIE!!

I'll keep her in my prayers for a good CT scan this Friday.



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Sorry you have been under the weather. Not fun at any time of the year be especially not fun when spring hits and you can be outside!

It is so wonderful to get a chance to actually meet some of the folks you "talk to " on line. I am glad you had the chance to do so.

Prayers for healing sent your way!

God Bless,


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Don't appologize for feeling sick when you are sick. :lol: That is perfectly normal. Take some time for you and rest. It does take a lot of energy to be here sometimes but in the long run I feel it is well worth the effort. I get alot more than I give and feel quilty about that part sometimes. You are in my prayers.


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Sorry to hear you've been so unwell. I had strep throat once and it really is horrible. I do hope you're on the mend now and have been taking that much needed rest.

I will be thinking of your family on Friday and hoping for some good test results from that CT scan.



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Hi Melinda,

I am glad to see you back.You should stop beating yourself up though.Strept and pneumonia are both things that would make anyone go curl up for a few days.Take it easy and remember that to take care of anyone else you must take care of yourself first.I am glad she tolerated WBR well.WBR was horrible for me but I think that I had a lower tolerance for it than most on here.Some of the side effects didn't hit me until two weeks after the last treatment.Many others on here have had it with minimal side effects though and I hope and pray that she is on of them.Praying for us all.TBone

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