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In a peace now


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My dad, LAM Ping Chuen, was passed away in our Local time on Apr 29, around 2:00am after he fought this battle for 13 months. We, all family members were around him while he was gone. He was started on O2 Mask around 5:00pm on Apr 28 and was struggled to breathe very fastly and deeply for almost 9 hours. He passed away very peacefully without any pain and he stopped breathing in just few seconds and then heart rate gradually declined

Dad, I will always miss you and love you. I will be successful in order to make you proud. I will remember your laugh, your kindness on raise me up and your unselfish, unconditional love to me.

You are now in a better place with no suffer. One day, I will see you again in heaven.

God and Jesus, please take care of my dad on my behalf. I hand him to you.

Thank you all buddies for the past months of being with me and walk with me. Death is not a frightened experience, instead I find peace.

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Oh, Berisa, I am feeling so sad for you and your family right now. I'm so sorry you lost your wonderful, loving father to this horrible disease. I am also so strengthened by your words of peace both for him and for yourself that you expressed. You were a wonderful, beautiful, loving and supportive daughter to your father, and I just bet you were the strength for the rest of your family as well.

God love you, and again, I'm so, so sorry.


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I am so sorry to hear about your dad..I feel like I have known him from your posts.

You have been the best daughter that anyone can wish for, and I am sure that your dad was a great man. I hope that you continue to find peace and that your memories will comfort you. We are all with you in spirit...

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Oh my dearest Berisa,

I am so very sorry and saddened by your beloved father's passing. I know you have already made your dad very proud. You gave him the utmost care and love these past 13 months. And I know you will continue to make him proud as he watches over you from heaven. May you find comfort in your memories. You are in my thoughts during this difficult time. I know it all to well, so please PM if you need to talk. Take care.

Hugs to you,

Andrea B.

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I am so saddened to read your post :cry::cry: It sounds like your Dad passed on without sufferring at the end, and I am glad for you that it was like that.

What the others wrote I agree with.......he would already be so very proud of you.

My heart goes out to you.

Take care



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Dear Berisa,

My sincere sympathy to you and your family. I have been a member for just a short time but have followed your posts and know you through them. You are right, your Dad is in the hands of God now and that in itself must bring peace. God bless you all.

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I am so saddened to hear about your dad. He fought a good fight with you at his side cheering him on to win all the way.

My thoughts and prayers are for you and your family to find peace. God has another angel at His side. May he watch over you always. I know your father was and still is so very proud of you for being the person you are.


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Dear Berisa---I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear Dad----you did everything you could and were the best daughter---I am sure your Father was very proud to have such a great daughter

my condolences to you and you family

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