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I'm happy to report that my dad is home from the hospital. A sure sign he feels better is he asked my mom to stop at IHOP for dinner so he could get a real breakfast after all the hospital food, first time he's shown much interest in food for quite a while. Plus he is now able to sit up and not worry about that neck pain, which disappeared while in the hospital (could be it was just time for the spinal surgery pain to go away, or maybe it was related to the gall bladder -- either way, it's GONE!)

He attributes his feeling so good, etc., to the hundreds of people praying for him -- including you guys, people he's never met. So keep us on the list -- ride's not over yet, but it's a lot more smooth right now.

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Great news! I am so happy for you , your Dad and the whole family. Good nutrition is important, and "0" pain is a lot more fun than any of the other numbers. Donna G

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