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Mike is feeling better


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Mike has been struggling so with upset tummy, gall bladder pain and cramping. We believe it has been due to the "natural detox" he has been going through and the fact that I weaned him off of most of the brain barrier crossing drugs he was on!

The pain he has had for the past four weeks....started up under his right rib and in his shoulder, then it moved from his rib cage to his stomach area, then the very top of his belly, now it's in the center. I really think some "bad toxins" or maybe even gall bladder sludge is working it's way out. Because...Mike had blood tests on Monday and it's not his liver!

Well - Wednesday and Thursday he barely crawled out of bed. It was dark, overcast, rainy and cold here. Today it was sunny - 72 degrees and no wind (for South Dakota a rare treat! LOL)

When I got home from work about 2:00 pm I laid on the bed with him and rubbed his back telling him what I knew was going to happen when we got to Tulsa. He has so much "brain fog" that I have to keep reminding him what's happening.

Then what I'd been praying for him for the past two days happened! He had to get up and go to the bathroom (sorry - but he hadn't had a bm in two days!) So I knew he would start feeling better.

Then he took a nap and I got him up about 4:00pm and took him out on our porch - just before our grandchildren arrived! Our daughter-in-law is watching our daughter's 2 kids while our daughter and son-in-law are in Hawaii. So she brought all three kids in to see us. Mike enjoyed the weather and watching the kids play.

Then he came in the house and SAT UP ALL evening watching TV. I told him - You ARE feeling better whether you realize it or not! :wink:

But then he should! I gave him a manicure AND a pedicure tonight. Pampered baby! :lol:

Just feeling chatty....If you knew me in real life...it wouldn't be a surprise! 8)

Love and hugs,

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Hi Shannon.

It's good to hear Mike is feeling better. He IS a very lucky man to have you in his corner. I love the way you write and express yourself; you make me feel like an old family friend over for a cup of coffee. Shannon, are you keeping a journal? Or at least printing off all your posts? I think a collection of all your posts would be an awesome teaching tool if they were put together cronologically, and kept in one place. People who are just trying to get a handle on all of their craziness and worries could read through your posts from the beginning - seeing how you have handled certain situations and doctors - and have a concrete example of how one person has successfully dealt with the day to day ups and downs

of this disease. Because, in my opinion Shannon, you have been VERY successful in the way you have managed Mike's cancer treatment. It's just a thought. Oh, Hold on, I just realized anyone can go to your profile and click on "all posts by Mrs. Mike"... never mind.

Being a teacher, I always like to take advantage of a learning opportunity when it presents itself, but then sometimes I'm a little thick too.

Take care,

David P.

PS - Will we ever get to hear from the Mike Man himself? Or maybe he's been on already and I've missed him?

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Shannon, you surely know how to make the most of each moment, which is what we all should be doing, cancer or not!!!

The day before my surgery, my minister prayed for angels around the operating table. I pray that your angels surround you on your trip.

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