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Hi. A little while ago I was going to take a week break and I never did. I am too addicted to this board :) But I have decided today that I need to take a week off. I will be lurking though :) I realize that some of my posts in the past had insulted/offended/annoyed, etc others and I know my ideas can be quirky at times. I admit I can be a nut :) This past week has been really tough with work and personal stuff and I am finding myself being more cranky and crabby lately. Almost like it is constantly the week before a scan and it isn't ;) My mom thinks I am just hanging out with my boss too much lately ;) I started to post three times tonight about my experience today, what I felt and what I thought when I was asked to accompany a witness on a smoking break today, and how I acted (different from how i felt and what I thought) and I kept deleting and re-writing b/c i didn't want to upset or offend. And then I was like what am I doing, I never read what I write, I just write what I feel. So a week off will be good to refresh myself :)

I love everyone here and look forward to posting again when I bounce back from funkville. In the meantime, I will leave you with my newest idea and a recommendation not to do what I did when I had a chance. I am so mad at myself. :evil: I am commuting 1 1/2-2 hours each way each day for this trial and I kept hearing radio contests, so I was like hey, I need to call in and try to win a prize and if I get through, ask them if I can auction it on ebay for cancer. So I started calling last week and then this week I was like wait, just call the radio station and ask them to do something like mention the website, donate a prize to auction, etc...............................................so for the past week I was hitting a button on my cell repeatedly trying to get through and I was going to try to talk to someone about doing something for cancer. Finally it rings. I listen to KIIS FM, Ryan Seacrest is the new host in the morning. I honestly NEVER expected him to answer because I figured it was always busy and they pre-screen. Well I FINALLY got through and he answered "Seacrest" and I was like hello and he was like hello and then I just asked if they would like to donate a prize for Relay for Life and he sounded surprised and was like uh, you gotta call the business #, he gave it to me. I said thanks. He said "and remember, they are open regular business hours.". I TOTALLY missed my chance to talk to him and ask him to mention cancer awareness :twisted: I AM NOT starstruck, I admit I USED to be before I spent a summer doing entertainment law. But now I am not phased. I was just not prepared and turned into a bumbling fool :) I think what happend was totally random "luck" and I think I was calling during a time to win Wango Tango tickets b/c at the end of the song he was on air with a winner. No wonder he sounded surprised about why I called :)

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