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No flurries this weekend...


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Forecast is thunderstorms and warm and Snowflakes aren't really ones for warm...


I will be away from MY computer all weekend, doing a Pagan ritual "Sell My House" dance with the frogs in the "marsh" and nekid as a jaybird in the country air (and it's supposed to storm all weekend - I might just fly a kite and "invent" electricity again!)....

Since Billie has the hall pass, I guess I'll need to forge a note from my mother (that's where I'll be this weekend - her house).

Weekend is sprinkled with odd "appointments" like a 1:00 baby shower on Saturday that I HAVE to attend (why ISN'T there a smilie that is purging??) - thus effectively keeping me busy for a few hours that I could be planting trees in the rain or planning gardens and foundation for the new house...

NOTICE, I am NOT whining about the rain, I'm whining about not being able to PLAY in it! Told ya'll I was pagan - nothing can beat a spring rain on the face, mud under the feet and time with the family.... And although I find thunderstorms to be nerve-wracking (especially with 65 pounds of Dad's dog trying to crawl out of her skin and into mine), I look forward to witnessing the power of Mother Nature (cuz hey, she's a bigger b*tch than I could ever hope to be! LOL)...

Take care, play nice, and I'll see ya when I see ya!


PS I may snitch Dad's computer from him and log on, we'll see...his is REAL slow...if I open the board on Friday night, I may drop a post by Sunday morning... :roll:

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in order to appease the "rain Gods' it is written in the ancient scrolls of the physcopathy tribe that you must cover yourself with honey and pigeon feathers, spin 3 times towards the east and twice back south while patting your head and rubbing your tummy. in order for the proper "sell this house" traditions to come to fruition. Of sourse these traditions only work after ingesting 4 all beef hotdogs with chili sauce.

so please only take on the above if your fully up to following through with it to the last detail.

please enjoy the naked dancing even if the above doesn't work.

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As an ex Realtor, I have a funny story for you Becky. Some, very desparate, sellers bury a statue of St Joseph in their yard with a promise to place the statue in a place of honor in their new home if the house sells quickly. I guess he is the patron saint of selling houses or something. A Realtor I know had a couple who were Jewish, they were really desparate, so this Realtor tells them about this ritual she has heard about (she was in her first year as a Realtor). Well they were (understandably)uncomfortable about having a Catholic statue in their home if it worked, but they really needed to sell the house. So they buried a bottle of St Josephs aspirin in the yard, sure enough the house sold in a week!! I swear this actually happened, I knew the Realtor personally. It was sooo funny!

So enjoy your pagan rituals, and if it doesn't work, you can try the bottle of aspirin! Have a fun weekend!



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Geez, Shelly...FOUR hotdogs?? (At least it ain't them Survivor bugs! EWWWwww - I don't think I could eat anything that might walk back up!!)

Where'm I gonna find pigeon feathers?? Have a plethora of doves, cow birds, sparrows, killdeer....no pigeons. Them's CITY birds! :roll: Honey I can find....lotsa bees - but I don't think the honey making is quite up to speed yet...

So, I need hotdogs, chili sauce, a compass (I sure don't know my directions), honey, feathers...do I need those Arthur Murrey shoe silhouttes for the dance steps??

Gosh, this is going to be tough! I'd better get a bag....

Geez, Mo, THERE'S a visual....nekid fat white girl running through a swamp eating hotdogs with a Hound from Hell on her feet... Sure to send the neighbors into town to find some religion!! ROFLMAO

Oh David, Rochelle isn't going to be all over ME when she has YOU to pick on! You were just hoping to move up in the pecking order, but it ain't happenin'!

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Ok if your desperate enough, this is a tradition that has been handed down in our family and it always worked but ONLY if your REALLY REALLY desperate.

you have to go out late at night when the moon is high in the sky and sneak up on a male goat. now you scare the goat until he poops himself. then you take the fresh goat package and place it in a ziploc sandwhich bag. there should be a total of 3 -4 of these bags full. then you take a bag and hang it from mint flavored dental floss on each of your neighbors front doors. then you take a wiffel ball bat and have a small active child practice hitting the baggie at your neighbors door.

the end result should be that one if all of your neighbors offer to buy your house just to get you out of the neighborhood.

this tried and true method, ALWAYS worked for my parents.

happy swinging

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Betty, Cookieman suggested the St. Joseph idea, but we couldn't find a statue OR medal of St. Joseph in this town to bury! (Odd when there's three Catholic churches - two within city limits, Christian books stores, etc.) I'm SURE I can find aspirin, though....the little orange ones Mom used to give me for fevers, because, obviously, she didn't love me! I coulda died!! :roll:

Sorry,T-Bone, no "Pagans Gone Wild" for you! 8)

If there's no nibbles after this weekend, the aspirin will be buried!

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We will miss your posts thats for sure but go out and play in the mud, let it rain on your face and you never know you might even enjoy that baby shower :D Looking forward to your post when you return. God Bless you.

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