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prayers for my father


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What a great forum! I am asking for prayers for my father, Matthew, age 63. He was diagnosed with adenosquamous carcinoma which I understand is a nsclc. Friday, we found out it spread to one node. We are awaiting the final results of that as surgeon took sample of surrounding nodes as well. If it spread any further than that, they might not do surgery as it would mean it was going into the other lung. Surgeon did say he didnt think it was the case, surrounding nodes looked benign, but you know........... He had non hodgkins lymphoma in 99 and 01 with a stem cell transplant 9/4/01. Surgeon said he needs chemo first before doing right upper lobectomy and take out node. I worry because he had so much chemo before with two bouts of lymphoma.

My father is a wonderful man. He lives to do for others. He is the kindest man. This has been devastating to us. I pray, cry, pray, get angry, pray, feel numb, pray. I do believe in miracles and Jesus' Healing Hand. Maybe my answer from God is "wait". He lives to be with his family, my mom, 2 sisters, my husband, and three children. PLEASE pray he is cured and grows old with us. Thank you so much.


daughter to Matthew dx 5/13/03

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Linda -

I will pray that the treatments are effective, that his side effects are few, that you and your entire family will be encouraged by these words....

Psalm 27:14

Wait for the LORD ; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD .

These words hang on my refrigerator as a reminder.

May God bless you,

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