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lung cancer walk in MI


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Hi everyone,

My daughter and I are having our first meeting at my house this Tuesday. We can use more ideas. Is there a name or motto that other people are using this fall. If we all use the same name maybe it will have more impact.

Is the registration paid in advance? How?-is the $ used to offset the costs or does it go directly to the organization? Do people register and then get donations?

Does anybody have any other ideas to make money on the day of the walk?

What did you put on the t-shirts?


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I can give you a few tips since I started to organize a walk, but then had to stop b/c the work was too much. I am now learning from Relay for Life how they do it before I organize one myself. Renee and Hebbie are the experts on the walk, they are actually doing it :) But here are a few things I learned:

1. Do you have a venue? You most likely will need a permit. Make sure to find out if you are allowed to exchange money on site. The County owned parks where I live forbid it. Also make sure restrooms are provided.

2. Do you know who you are giving the proceeds to? Did you see if they have insurance for your event? If not, price policies on your own. You need insurance for a walk at most locations and also for your own protection. For i nstance, the American Cancer Society and some other organizations will insure you for an event if they get the proceeds. If you buy it yourself, you can get back the costs you out pocketed from the proceeds.

3. The how to raise mon ey is up to you. Some people have collected a registration fee in advance and then donations at the time. Others have just registered people and collect the money the walkers raised at the event. You can do like $25 minimum donation for anyone to walk, that is their registration fee and they can pay it themselves or raise it. Hopefully poeple will raise more than that

4. Food--start calling now. Call donut shops, many will provide 10 dozen or so. You can give them away for free at the event or sell for money. Also most bagel stores donate their "day olds"

5. Raffles---many restuarants, salons, etc, will donate prizes for a raffle, great way to raise money

6. There is a possiblity since you have time in advance you can have a lunch donated from various restaurants, many are willing to each donate different things (does not have to be from same place) and then you can c harge like $5 for lunch.

7. You can also do a prize like a money jackpot. Let's say each person who wants to participate donates $10. And you have 50 people who will do that. That is $500 total. Y ou can then give 40% of that to a winner and the rest for the charity.

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Hi Roseanne,

I just saw your post! Are you still planning a walk this fall? If so and you still have questions, please feel free to PM me. I've started planning my walk in NJ and it is pretty much taking over my every waking thought these days :wink: I'd love to bounce some ideas off of you and answer any questions you might have!

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