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DavidA is a Milwaukee Bucks Fan and roots for Green Bay


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It has just come to the attention, of this writer, that DavidA has changed his loyalties and is now a Milwaukee Bucks Fan, wears a Milwaukee Brewers baseball cap, and prominently displays, on his car, a large Green Bay Packers bumper sticker. The rumor is that he has ordered "cheeseheads" for his entire family, to include the family dog.

On behalf of the people of Wisconsin, I would like to welcome David and, with much gladnest in my heart, tell him that the State of Wisconsin is tremendously gratified of this sudden change in loyalty.

It is understood that David has cancelled his season tickets for the Detroit Lions, and had a public burning of his Detroit Tigers hat. He also called a special news conference, at which he shredded his Detroit Pistons shirt that he has treasured for years. On the other side of his rear bumper he has displayed another bumper sticker that reads "Redwings Eat Cow Pies".

David, this sudden shift of loyalty has raised interest with several real estate agents, who are anxious to help you sell your house in Michigan and assist you with the purchase of a new house in Wisconsin. We look forward to this move with great anticipation.

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Wisconsin sends all its manure to the upper Pennisula, dumps off there and lets it flow into the lower pennisula. I have always found it interesting that Michigan is the only state in that most of its population has gone to Hell, out of curiosity.

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Dear Mr. Grant,

Watch your blanket statements about Michiganders or Ry and I will arrange a guided tour of Hell for you.... :shock:

Geesh, put me on the side of my antagonizer....DavidA, I don't want to hear a WORD from you...LOL


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Aw Becky and Ry:

You're just a few people who missed the train when it left Michigan headed to Wisconsin. David never was on the train to begin with. I consider you two and members of your family very loyal friends and also honorary cheeseheads.


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How bout Them Cowboys

The cheesehead hats helps to keep our doors held open down here in Big D. We need door stops that big here, you know how everything is bigger in Texas... The Hair, the Trucks and etc....

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