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The following website is loaded with pro-smoking information. I suggest that all read what is there and then set this guy straight on what he says are facts. By all means reference your remarks by website. I referenced all the websites dealing with lung cancer and smoking issues that I could, when I emailed him. If anyone is interested, contact me and I will forward a copy of my email.


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Dave Hitt has his facts all wrong about smoking and secondary smoke. It would be interesting to see what he thinks once 1000+ people load his mail box with the truth. Please vist the above site read over what he says are facts, then set him straight.

I have sent 3 emails referencing my sources such as ALCASE, the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, the National Cancer Institute, University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center, and other websites and organizations. His email to me tells me that all the scientists and the above organizations are all wrong and he has the truth about smoking, and has yet to offer references.

I personally believe we have over 1000 references right here at this site, who would love to set this guy straight. Lets load his email box and then see what he thinks.

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I'm kind of tired tonight so I took the lazy way out, Dave G. I sent him an email, but here's what I said:

"Wow....in California eleven businesses shut their doors because of the smoking ban. Bummer. How many children were left without a Mother or Father because their parent died of a smoking related illness? Bet you it was more than eleven. How many businesses closed down because the owner/operator died of a smoking related illness? Bet it was WAY more than eleven.


Fay A., age 49, 5 year Lung Cancer Survivor"

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Received an email from this guy in response to the one I sent. Here it is, folks:

Subject: Re: The Facts Date: 5/1 9:42 PM From: hittman@davehitt.com

Subject: Re: The Facts

Date: 5/1/2004 9:42:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: hittman@davehitt.com

At 12:01 AM 5/2/2004 -0400, you wrote:

Wow....in California eleven businesses shut their doors because of the smoking ban. Bummer. How many children were left without a Mother or Father because their parent died of a smoking related illness? Bet you it was more than eleven. How many businesses closed down because the owner/operator died of a smoking related illness? Bet it was WAY more than eleven.


Fay A., age 49, 5 year Lung Cancer Survivor

" Wow - a nicotine nanny stupid enough to belive my little page lists every single business effected by bans. Just when I think your ilk can't get any stupider, you surprise me.

Grow a bran. "

This guy's response speaks volumes about who he is. I think that being called "stupid" by this guy is a little like being called ugly by a frog.

Waste of time, guys.

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Here is my email and his response. I feel abused that I wasted my time emailing this idiot.


The loss of a business


>- or -


>The loss of a human life from lung cancer.


>Let me see, which is more important!!!!!!!!!



Considering that the number of people who have died from second hand smoke

remains at precisely zero, your question is a non sequitur. It just

doesn't make any sense.

Don't take my word for it - listen to what the "experts" on the subject had

to say: http://www.davehitt.com/2004/name_three.html

BTW, the excessive use of exclamation points usually indicates a sub-normal



Dave Hitt

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Thanks guys. I thought you enjoy the pleasure of setting a "smartmeister" in place. He is pissed at me becuase I turned some more "lung cancer zealots" loose on him. I really (yeah, sure) feel sorry for the guy.

A ggod friend of mine, who is a smoker, owns the local Dairy Queen. He went no smoking 6 months ago and he has increased his business by 30% since doing that. He said that any restuarant, or bar, that decides to keep allowing smoking will only lose business in the long term. For him it was just good business, even though he has to go outside to smoke. Of course, I told hime, it would now be a good time for him to quit smoking as well.

Thanks for the response. I'm going to leave this guy alone now and let him think his website is helping the world. :P:P:P

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I wouldn't waste my time emailing a moron like him. Fay my friend, don't waste time with stupid stuff like this. Your energy is needed in more important areas of battling lung cancer. We need our energies going toward important lung cancer issues. I'm sorry Ginny that you got caught up in this as well. :roll::roll: There are idiots out there such as Mr. Hitt, and they just want to pis_ people off. It's not worth it!

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Now why don't you post a chart of all the businesseses that are doing better because of the smoking ban?

Obviously you are a smoker.


It would be a very, very short list. And everyone on it could improve their business *without* laws that kill other business.

Obviously you are a nicotine nanny.


I use to be a full fledged smoker for over 25 years. I quit two years ago, but I do know how smokers think and you definitely think like a smoker ( I used to think that way too) Until you get off your addiction, you have no idea what I am talking about.

I'd rather be a nicotine nanny than a nicotine ninny.


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Ok, so I am a glutton for punishment. I just don't like seeing my friends being treated so badly. So, here is my e-mail:

My father died on December 23, 2003 from lung cancer-and I am suprised that we were actually able to have a happy Christmas for all of his grandchildren, as their "Poppy" was a huge part of their lives...they adored eachother. Dad smoked from age 9 to age 57. Maybe you can't "name" people that actually died from secondhand smoke, but I can name a whole family, not to mention countless friends who had a part of them die on December 23, 2003.

If your only reply will be a smarta$$ one, than don't bother. We are dealing wtih human beings here. If you have no emotion, than you can't have any idea about what it is like to watch a wonderful, caring, active person slowly and painfully deteriorate and die. I feel sorry for you, you are stuck in 'logic' mode...you have to see more than the 'numbers' and statistics, whether there is an ability to "name 3" or not, dosn't matter to me. What matters is that smoking kills, period. And yes, my dad did take responsibility for smoking for so long, but he did quit. Eleven years prior to Dx. He quit because his oldest daughter was expecting his first grandchild and he wanted to try to be around to enjoy his family. Because THAT was his life, we were his life.

Please, if all you can do is come up with sarcastic remarks, instead of just backing your point in a respectful way, than just don't reply. You've made your point. You can 'smirk' to yourself all you want, you obviously need the ego boost.

Take care, and good luck to you. Deb


That was my e-mail...now we'll see what this pathetic excuse for a human being has to say. It seems that this guy has too much time on his hands...who is he anyway...who does he work for...Could it be----SATIN!?!?! :twisted:

take care, guys, Deb

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Very nice, Deb. I've been rolling this over and over in my mind and am working on possibly sending an email...an "invitation" of sorts, ya might say (due to replies some of ya'll have received).

Went over some of those CA places with my spouse - he had actually been to/heard of three of 'em...hole-in-the-wall dives that may have closed due to: Health Code Violations, Poor Business Practice, Lawsuit (drinking/driving issue)... Hmmmm... Wonder if WALLET CANCER is a consideration in his little table... As for the smoking ban killing the bar - oh well! Some poor waitress isn't going to get lung cancer from passive smoke on her "$2/hr + tips, no benefits" salary...

Not sure I'll send one or not, sounds like a waste of time...but it MIGHT be fun to see how many euphemisms for bad stuff I can use... :roll:

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I just can't help myself, here is the latest e-mail exchange:


Nothing is more obnoxious and useless that a reformed anything - smoker, drinker, prostitute, etc. You're all pathetic.

Me, I'm an ex cigarette smoker, but not a reformed one. I have no desire to be that ignorant or prissy.


Good comeback. The good old "reformed smoker line." If you are an "ex-smoker", then why are you such an advocate for smoking?

You're the obnoxious one.

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Kelley, when did you e-mail him and how long did it take the SOB to get back to you? I e-mailed him this morning (I posted a copy of the e-mail I sent above). Still havn't heard a word...then again, I told him not to bother if he would just be disrespectful. Maybe there is an inkling of humanity in him :? ...NAAAAAH :wink: ! Take care, deb

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The last time I heard from him was at midnight last night. I haven't had a response to my latest e-mail. He must be running out of wise cracks. Not surprising though, he isn't too swift. If I do hear from him, I will e-mail him right back. I am determined he isn't going to have the last word.

Do I have too much time on my hands? (lol)


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OK, I got the reply, and don't know how to paste it here. But I found out that his mother died of lung cancer when she was in her 40's and he was only 20. He was not sarcastic, and was pretty respectful, no name calling. Although he did say that I didn't 'own' grief and loosing a loved one, then told me about his mom. I responded that I never thought I did. Anyway, we'll see what his next response is. If you could let me know how to cut/paste to post the response, I just can't re-type the whole thing. Take care, Deb

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You know....I have no desire to e-mail this guy myself because I don't have the proper mental state these days to deal with one of his brash responses, but something he said in one of his e-mails stayed with me. He said that you couldn't name ONE person that died from second hand smoke. Well, as one of several non-smokers on board that have LC, and my doctor's statement that this possibly could have been caused by second hand smoke, I find that remark ridiculous. OK -- so we can't count me as "dead" from second hand smoke, but I think it gets the point across.....

I also just want to comment that while he may feel that businesses are adversly affected by the smoking ban, my social life has been dramatically altered. I no longer go to bars or restaurants w/out a large non-smoking section. My choices are severaly limited. I don't even want to venture down to Atlantic City casinos (my favorite thing!) because of the smoke factor.

Which reminds me -- last fall, a few months after finishing radiation, I went to Las Vegas on vacation. There was so much smoke in the casinos, that I couldn't stand them for more than 20 minutes at a time. By our 3rd day there, I woke up in the morning, blew my nose, and had tons of blood come out. Now, I had been having a pretty dried up nose (radiation dried up EVERYTHING) and a little blood when blowing it, but this was a lot. It happened every morning that I was there and stopped when I returned home. I know it had to do with the smoke in the casinos. (my radiation onc. confirmed that the smoke had irritated my alreadly irritated lungs) My husband wants to go back to Vegas this fall but I don't want to.....because I am afraid of what it will do to my lungs.

If over 170,000 a year are diagnosed, and we all stop patronizing smoky places......how can that not affect business?

If anyone wants a list of the states than ban smoking in bars/restaurants, I have a website that list them.

ps -- I had the BEST honeymoon in Florida -- non-smoking restaurants statewide!! Woo-hoo!

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AMEN, Heather!

An opposing view to the site stated that if folks can't smoke in the bar and are expected to "step outside", they won't stay very long. If they don't stay, they don't drink, if they don't drink, they don't pay...

SOOOoooo, since I can't be in ANY smoke (like Heather), I also can no longer go to the casino, the bar, some restaurants, etc. Now why is it that my CONTINUED good health is considered less important than someone else's addiction? Second/passive smoke isn't good for ANYONE, including the folks working at these establishments....

Wish OUR state would adopt the smoking bans completely, not just by city...

Bottom line, I'm sorry that people are losing money, but seems to me that the health of the general public should figure in, too. Sure, I can avoid these places, but if we ALL did WITHOUT the "governmental interference" due to health concerns, the establishments would STILL be losing money...

Or something like that. Forgive me, my mind is really wandering today. Just wanted to back up Heather on the change of lifestyle after all the crap on this LC journey...

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Before my dx, I had been a long time smoker, and as Hebbie mentioned, it was banned here statewide in Florida. The ban covers all restaurants and bars that serve x % of their sales in food. The guy has a point, I quit going to restaurants, I switched to carry out for the most part. I quit going to the local malls when they banned smoking inside. I never got back in the habit of going either since I quit smoking. I know many other smokers who did the same.

I have to say, I haven't switched over to rabid non-smoker yet. (begin rant) I chose to smoke, and even though it's really, really, really bad for you, and I knew it, I liked it and I miss it and I wish for one right now. It was very calming, and I didn't eat non stop 24/7, and it tasted good. I tried to be a courteous smoker, but seldom were the non-smokers courteous to me. I was made to feel like a criminal constantly and total strangers seemed to feel like they had the right to come up to me on the steet and start lecturing me about my nasty habit! It used to really p#ss me off! (end rant!)

Having said all that, non-smokers are right, it is terrible and the guy on that sight is a real jerk not because of his point, but because of his attitude! It is a terrible habit and it causes countless wasted dollars and worse yet lives! But I will never, never, never walk up to someone on the street and lecture them, because I used to really hate that!

just my 2 cents



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I feel so fortunate to live in California (non-smoking restaurants, bars and now some sections of the beaches). I spent last weekend in Las Vegas and since I was at the race track most of the time, I was only in the casinos briefly now and then. I came home coughing and feeling like I had smoked a carton of cigs in 3 days.

It has been 16 years since I smoked. There were so many people in Vegas with a cig in their mouth and I just wanted to cry for them (lots of them very senior citizens).

I am afraid I have become one of those ex-smokers that complain about the smoke. I don't lecture smokers but if I see an opening, we do have a conversation about lung cancer and I think I may have convinced some to stop. I tell them that "if I can do it, you can do it". Quitting was the hardest thing I have ever done.

Love and hugs,


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Soap box, please...

Okay, so it IS a choice to smoke. That's fine, smoke if you want to, BUT, where YOUR right to smoke ends is in MY right to breathe! I should NOT have to wear an air filter to get into the doorway of a restaurant or store (or for crying out loud, a HOSPITAL) to get through the cloud of smoke and the SMELL (yes, even the SMELL makes me choke) of old cigarettes. I would not cross a street to preach to someone who just lit up, BUT, as I did when our mall was NOT non-smoking and someone right beside my 3 month old lit up and practically blew in his face, I WILL speak up if it's a health issue for me or my loved ones. Hey, that's MY right.

If ya ain't close enough to affect my health, it's your problem, but MY lungs, my boy's lungs, etc., are MY concern. I'm NOT a smoker, and I have the disease so any smoking damage that my lungs received were SECONDHAND. Somehow, that just ain't fair... "Just say no" and look where I am today...

ANYHOW... It's HIS site. No one EVER said that everything you read is 100% right. People should remember that. It is his VIEW, freedom of speech, freedom of the press...

As for the restaurants/bars losing business, sorry. There is a reason for the ban, it was ratified by a majority (maybe they should have petitioned against it and voted it DOWN??) and that's the way it is. If you don't like it, work to change it...or to modify it (maybe one or two bars for smokers like some restaurants have liquor licenses and some don't)...

So I'm in the minority here...I'm not scared. (Heather's got my back! LOL)


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To paraphrase Snowflake:

Thomas Jefferson once defined tolerance as something he practiced towards something if "It neither picks my pocket, nor breaks my leg." (He was not talking about moral issues in this context, mind you).

As for the non-smoking bans--NYC seems to be doing just fine (despite claims to the contrary). Our mayor may have lost a lot of smokers' votes--but the nightlife (resturants/bars/clubs) is still going strong.

I am thrilled to be able to eat out in comfort--was even before I was AWARE of LC. A lot of never-smokers go out MORE often now!

I know it must be tough on smokers, though. It seems like the only things our society deems to be socially accepable prejudices are those vs. smokers, the obese, and the physically "ugly" (define that as you may).

Thorny issues, those.


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I am an ex-smoker, its been 6 years for me and I am the worst ex smoker there is. I HATE smoke..My worst fear is that I harmed my non smoking children with all that second hand smoke that would lay stagnant

in my home... When I was pregnant with my daughter(26 years ago Sat.) I asked my ob if I was harming my unborn child by smoking, he told me just to cut down, I know that is hard to believe but I swear thats what he told me.. I apologize to my children all the time for subjecting them to second hand smoke, but we just didnt know back then. I pray that God protected them for me..One thing I did do about 12 years ago was not allow smoking in my house, even though I was a smoker I went outside as well..

So I try to aviod smoke filled establishments too..I am sorry to say but I cant stand to even look at someone as they inhale that poison into their body and blow it out for me to have to breath it back into mine... I worked way to hard getting those cancer sticks out of my life..

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Article I found on the effects of second-hand smoke. Wonder if our ignorant friend from the website has read it.....

EDITORIAL: Government Should Protect Health

Smokefree workplace laws are a matter of public health protection

Parts excerpted from the Star Tribune, 5/10/04

The dangers of breathing secondhand smoke are so well documented and so well publicized that it is astonishing that Minnesotans haven't insisted on clean air in restaurants and bars until now. Yet a statewide smokefree workplace law languishes in the legislature. As the state dithers, St. Paul and its Minneapolis twin should institute protective laws in tandem.

This is not a matter of lifestyle freedom. It is a matter of public health protection.

Minnesota doesn't collectively tell bank executives to just get another job if they don't like smoke-filled offices, yet that is the message sent to servers, bartenders and others who work in restaurants and bars. No one is protecting them.

Public health experts have recognized for some time that exposure to secondhand smoke increases risks for both lung cancer and heart disease in nonsmokers, and that children are particularly susceptible to its ill effects. That hasn't been in serious dispute for years. But recent research has suggested much more dramatic, immediate effects.

Dave Thune, the City Council member who introduced the St. Paul ordinance last week, deserves widespread support in this effort. Experience elsewhere has shown either neutral or positive, not negative, economic effects from smokefree laws. Toxins in workers' blood decreased. The vast majority of citizens enjoyed eating out more.

The Twin Cities should take the leap, no matter what happens at the Capitol. Everyone would be better off for it, whether they realize it now or not.

To win smokefree air where YOU live, go to http://www.smokefree.net/alerts.php

Joseph W. Cherner

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the

world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

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