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Yesterday I received a commitment from Jan Healy of ALCASE that they will be present at the Golf Outing July 16. A table will be aside for them.

It is hoped that all you golfers will put together teams of survivors and/or family members and come out to support the cause of lung cancer research. Information and entriy forms can be obtained by emailing me at dgrant@merr.com I can also send information on hotels/motels in the Baraboo/Wisconsin Dells area. Every hole will have an event so every one has the opportunity to win something. There will also be a silent auction follwoing the Pig Roast Dinner. The dinner is included in the $100 entry fee to golf, however, for you non-golfers, the dinner is $25. I also am in need of volunteers to work on the golf course monitoring hole events and acting as trail guides for the golfers. I will also accept donations to the cause.

Proceeds will benefit Lung Cancer Research under the direction of Dr. Joan Schiller, University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center.

email me at dgrant@merr.com

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The outing sounds good. Wish Alcase would put a link to our site up. In all the hoopla that took place recently, the links to our site were removed from Alcase.org and etc... I would definitely be a little more receptive and supportive to activities they sponsor if there were support working both directions.

Im just venting, sorry everyone..



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Vent away Rick...

Perhaps Dave can give suggestions to get on there.. Dave seems to be a walking infomercial for every site or event ...

That's meant of course in a good way.. any attention to lung cancer is a good thing...

If we give you 5 dollars Dave will you start mentioning this site in your travels? 5 dollars buys a lot of dog food .. in fact it will probably supply your dog for a year :lol:

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