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Is Iressa rash a good sign?


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I have been on Iressa and the only side effects Ihave had has been the rash. At my last check-up my onocologist told me that the rash was a sign it was working. So I took that as a good thing, although the rash is annoying.

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Hi Terrih, No matter what chemo I have been on I've had no side effects what so ever. Some have worked, some did not. No way to tell just by getting a rash from Iresssa if it is working, working better or not. Only way to tell as fas as I know is when they match up the (Ct / Pet Scans Test etc) before and after treatments. Rich

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Guest KellyB

Amen to Fay..My Dad is on Iressa for 6 weeks and his rash took some weeks to progress, his side effects are worse now than ever. He has very bad diarreah and the rash is extreme to say the least, it is from head to toe very very bad. Everyone is different but my Dad seems to have every side effect listed for Iressa. I hope the drug dos wonders for you, woman, non smokers seem to benefit most...my prayers are that it works wonders for you.

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Earl has been on Iressa about 4 months. He has the big D, nausea and the rash. I didn't even realize he had the rash, it is really just like very dry skin over most of his body.

We were with his oncologist this morning. According to him:

1. Iressa works best on Japanese women, non smokers with adenocarcinome.

2. Yes, the rash does have some significance that the Iressa is working.

3. Most people on Iressa are nauseous, many most of the time.

Earl's side effects, while there, are not bad enough to stop the Iressa if the Iressa is keeping him stable.


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