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Remarkable Shrinkage


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Good Morning!

It is a sunny day here in upstate New York, in more ways than one. My husband had his CT scan consultation after completeion of his Chemo/Radiation. His onc said there is significant shrinkage in his tumor and he is "going for a cure". He his recommending three rounds of chemo/Cisplatin/V16...three weeks off and another three rounds of the same drug, to pick up any cells that might have mutated during his first line therapy of Carboplatin/Taxol. After his last chemo/radiation his white cell was extremely low he developed pneumonia and anemia at the same time. He spent four days in the hospital over Easter and also received two units of blood. He has improved and feeling much better. This week he starts the second chemo and I am a little anxious that he will continue to feel well.

Has anyone on this list ever had the three day chemo in a row? If so, what should we expect as far as complications or discomforts?


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I had VP 16 and Carboplatinum for 3 days every 3 weeks for 5 sessions the first time around. Low blood counts are very common, fatigue is normal and nasaue can be a problem. Be sure he drinks lots of WATER, at least 2 - 3 liters a day. It really does help!

Prayers headed your way.

God Bless,


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My Dad had carboplatin/V16 on the same schedule. The first couple of days would be fine, after the fourth day he would get tired. Felt wiped out and weak, his absolute worse day. On the second cycle, he had low blood count, but received the platlets. He got very dehydrated, and was given fluids. After third cycle, his blood counts were very low his immune system was O. He was so weak, but didn't say something sooner. He received Procrit and neuprogen. His worst experience was constipation. No lie. It was debilitating! He tried eating soft foods, prune juice, all -bran, and eventually was put on Constulose which really helped him. Now that his treatments are over for now, that is the major problem that he remembers. Now he is doing very well, and his energy is coming back and he is enjoying the spring.


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Yes, water and more water--I drank crystal lite as well to take away some of the boredom of just plain water. Also rest when he needs ot rest--very important to rest your body throughout that trauma. good luck.......

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