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newly diagnosed...glad I found this place!


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Hi, my name is Mary and I'm a 45 y.o. mother of 4 who was just diagnosed in Mid-April with extensive SCLC with mets to the liver and adrenal gland. I had been having some shortness of breath and wheezing for about a month or so and was finally scared enough to go the ER to have it checked out (plus, I just happened to be at the hospital with my mom for a post-op check-up, and figured what the heck!). Well, an X-ray led to a CT scan, which led to me being admitted to r/o cancer. I had a liver biopsy (needle) done which confirmed the diagnosis of SCLC. That was on a Thursday, and I started my first 3 day cycle of chemo (VP-16 & Cisplatin) that Monday. I'm having 21-day cycles with bloodtests in between. My next 3-day course will begin the 10th

Well, talk about your world changing in a heartbeat! So far, the side-effects of chemo haven't been bad: some nausea and vomiting and fatigue, and I know it can get worse as the treatment progresses.

The hardest part so far was telling my family and friends....especially my kids. My mom was with me when the presumptive dx of cancer was made, and she took it really bad at first, but has gotten quite better about it. My hubby was devastated, but puts on a good front...I make sure I talk to him a lot. The worst thing was telling my kids. My two youngest (12 & 14) are still at home; I just told them the basics and that the chemo was really powerful medicine to try and kill off the cancer, but that it could also make me really sick for a time. They took it pretty well. I think if they see that I'm upbeat and not being scared, they'll be OK. My 19 y.o. was pretty good, too...but more concerned about long term. My 21 yo is in the Navy, and right now is in Chicago taking classes to be a Corpsman (medic)...he knew something was wrong when I was in the hospital for so long, but I waited til I was home before I told him (I just felt more comfortable).

Sorry to ramble so much....I really wanted to say how much I enjoyed browsing this board.....the caring and concern is just so wonderful here!! You all seem like very special people, and I'm glad I found you! I, too, have never believed in "statistics"....they cause more harm than good if you really think of it. We aren't numbers....we're wives and husbands and sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers and children!!

I know this post is a bit dis-jointed....please forgive me. I haven't really opened up to anyone about this whole "mess".....and I keep hopping from one thing to another.....bear with me....I really am coherent (most of the time, anyway....hahaha).

Anyway.....thanks again for being here. I plan to visit often....If i can help anyone in any way deal with their own version of this "mess", i will!!

Looking forward to talking with you all........Mary

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Tell your family and yourself this:


Americans are ALIVE today with a history of serious cancer

because they didn't give up hope and fought their disease.

There are treatments for every kind of cancer. There is no cancer from which someone has not been cured.

Cancer is the most curable of all chronic diseases.

from http://www.blochcancer.org/

R. A. Bloch Cancer Center

You might want to visit that site. He was told he had three months to live in 1978. He is still alive.

Nine MILLION, two hundred seventy six THOUSAND and nine hundred and six lung cancer patients are still ALIVE.

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Hi Mary. We all know what pain, and stress being told you have lung cancer is! We have several long term SCLC survivors in our local support group keeping company with NED ( No evidence of disease) I think learning to live with just being told about it is harder than all the treatments . Many of us also learn that living each day, loving our friends and family, feeling their love is really what life is about. Glad you found us. Go ahead and vent your fears, challenges , questions, etc with us, we want to help. Donna G

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Welcome. My Dad has SCLC and has recently gone into remission after being given carboplatin and v16 and radiation. It is a tough fight, but he has had some good days and expects more even better days. I too have four kids, and find when I'm down, it is them that keep me in reality every day life. The older ones understand more than the younger, and sometimes they don't even want to know any more than what will happen next. During some of my Dad's worse days, I would bring a healthy child or two for just a short visit, and it would brighten his day. Kids are wonderful beings! My youngest (6) would pray that his grandfather would grow back his hair and hoped that it wouldn't grow back RED! Made my Dad laugh! I'll be saying my prayers for you. You have joined a great place.


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Boy do I remember the feelings I experienced when I was given my diagnosis. Shock, denial, fear, anger, bewilderment (Are they really talking about me and to me - there be a mistake.) Initially I felt as if I no longer had control over my life and that's a frightening thought.

It's a rough road to travel but you have your family for support, comfort and encouragement which is such a blessing.

You are definitely "talking" with a group of people who know just how you feel, who understand and care. There is also a wealth of information here along with shared experiences.

God bless you and keep you strong.

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I'm sorry for your shocking Dx. This board has been a life saver to myself and many others. Everyone on here has a wealth of information and first hand experience to share with you when you ask. You can even tell us how you are feeling, share emotions that others might not understand and talk medical. Most importantly, stay strong for yourself but share your love with your family.

Lots of hugs,


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