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Not much posting here, is there?

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My Dear Friends,

I notice there is very little activity here in the Alternative and Complementary therapy forum. I'm puzzled as to the reason why. Clearly those of us who are not surgical candidates are offered only limited hope by traditional US medicine. Survival statistics are grim and yet certain individuals go on to defy the statistics and outperform the predictions regularly. It's probable that many on this board have knowledge which could help us all if it was shared here.

Does anyone have any idea how we can build participation in this forum and begin to more freely share this potentially life extending info? It's challenging to separate the truly useful information from the fraudulent opportunist marketing which is so abundant out there. Surely we can find a way to help each other in this area. It's not as if we don't have enough at stake.... Any thoughts would be most welcome.

Best Wishes, Dave S

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First of all I have been through a fair amount of chemo (mostly Taxol/carbo) and radiation. I did have a brief (6 months) remission. Through all this I gradually expanded the supplements I take (up to 22 at last count I think).

After the shock of my initial diagnosis at stage 4 and the grim predictions about my longevity I decided to look for other options for the day when traditional treatment no longer seemed appropriate. My very top choice has always been IV vitamin C. I would have tried it much sooner but I could never find a physician to cooperate ("it's not approved, etc."). Finally I found a clinic which not only offers the treatment but is headed by the Dr widely regarded as the world's leading authority on the subject. So that's where I went.

I'm currently taking 50 grams by IV 2 times per week. Side effects are nil. I feel 100% better now than I did prior to starting treatment just a month ago. Two months ago I couldn't walk more than 30 feet without resting. I was on oxygen. Today I have given up the oxygen and move around and even climb stairs without restriction. I get pain at the site of my tumors after infusion but I regard that as a good thing and a by-product of tumor necrosis. Please understand I can not yet prove that the IV C is responsible. But I have strong suspicians.

The therapy is based on the fact that one of the differences between normal cells and cancer cells is a huge (10 to 100 fold) difference in their catalase content. This substance is required to neutralize peroxides and aldhydes. Without sufficient catalase these toxic substances build up in the cancer cells and kill them in a short time.

Vitamin C is antioxdant in small quantities but becomes very pro-oxidant in large quantities. So the goal of the IV C therapy is to induce the pro-oxidant production of peroxide in the cancer cells which they are unable to neutralize (and therefore die). One of the attractive things about IV C is that it kills cancer cells directly and in a very short time. Chemo and radiation seek to damage cancer cells so much that they can't reproduce, but they don't kill them.

The C also produces a bunch of beneficial effects I won't go into here. There's a lot of info available on the web but you have to dig for it. For a quick non-technical overview take a look at


This therapy has actually been through stage 1 and stage 2 clinical trials at a mid-western university, but since it was privately funded the money ran out before stage 3 trials could be completed. The treatment has been around for years and was first proposed and tested by the Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling.

As you can tell I have high hopes for the treatment. I hope I'm right...

Dave S

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Your report is very good.

The study started in 1976, by Drs. Edward Cameron and

Linus Pauling.

In 1990 a follow up was done by Drs. Abram Hoffer and again

Linus Pauling.

Did you read the book

The real Vitamin & Mineral book.(using supplements for optimum health)

by Shari Lieberman PhD-- Nancy Brunning (cancer patient)

It gives a lot of information on all kind of supplements.


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Dave S and to all Others here

Alternative and Complementary Therapies are hidden pretty much due to the Arrogant Government and there hand being out to big business daily. So I can understand why so many just can’t or don’t talk much about such Alternative Med’s. I have been told to keep my mouth shut about what I am taking, so it is a bit scary for many I am sure.

Now then, if one is put in remission due to some sort of Alternative med’s, and is told that the government is looking over there shoulder, will then what is that person going to do, keep his/her mouth shut.

I can tell you (and am telling you) there is help out here and it’s not made by the Big Arrogant drug companies. It’s not sold by any drug store either. It’s not allowed by our own Government either.

I take nothing but Organic Food Supplements, “not totally true, I took Ireaas (pill) for about a month, it is now (again) not a part of my daily pill issue. I take about 23 Organic Food Supplement Pills a day, have been since mid-Feb: 2003. I am on two totally different Organic Food Supplement programs at this time. One is to make my body work with on lung. The other is to put my cancer in remission, which is a total of 4 Organic Food Supplement med’s. That’s a total 27 Organic Food Supplement pills a day. There is also a third procedure that one can do and it is a use of the electronics. All of these are not condoned by the Fed: Government, so it is a big ordeal for us to talk about.

I was doing my radiation treatment(s) when I started to go down hill, so I called in a very special person I had heard about that deals with Organic Food Supplements and within a week I was back up and running again. Now understand, I was being burned by radiation inside and out, so I had a problem. My herbalist fixed all of that, the tiredness, the itching, the gas-pockets and all of the rest of the problems that can go along with such a treatment. She could not fix my hate for the doctor I had, but because I felt so much better I lived through the doctor hate ordeal.

I will answer what ever I can here or as an e-mail to me at: grump3980@comcast.net

I sell nothing, I deal in nothing, I only wish and pray for us all to get well without having to wait for our current government, to ok it, (they never will).

Best Wishes, Grumpy One Lung

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Our goal here is to help each other. Anyone who feels they have a treatment regimen which helps is encouraged to share it here.

If I understand you message correctly, you feel you have been helped by some non-Rx meds of some sort. You are invited to share that info here so that others might benefit from it or at least be given the opportunity to evaluate it for themselves.

Regards, Dave S

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Dave S I hope you find something here that helps.

At all cost, no matter what, you need to see your doctor first and to tell/inform him/her what your doing and/or planning on trying or taking, before using the following.

Following are the Whole Food Supplements and other forms of help I use. Followed by the Quackwatch site for your general information if needed.

Biotics Research Corp. superior nutritional supplements


Standard Process Inc. Whole Food Supplements MediHerb® herbal products

(or Organic Food Supplements)


Cantron Anti-Oxidant and Electrolyte Formula (1-800-443-3030 )



Rife claimed that his original machines cured cancer. We have no reason at the present time to doubt this claim but it has not been absolutely proven

The Rife Forum

An international forum for research into the microscope and resonance therapy,

developed by Royal Raymond Rife, as well as their modern counterparts.

At all cost you need to see your doctor first and to tell him what your doing and/or planning on trying or taking.


Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions

Operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D


At all cost, no matter what, you need to see your doctor first and to tell/inform him/her what your doing and/or planning on trying or taking, before using the following.

None of the following is paid for by my insurance.

#1 & 2

I use the 2 following for 2 functions –

1 is for general health to keep me up and running, feeling good and on top of it all .

2 is for use in fighting my lung cancer.

Biotics Research Corp. & Standard Process Inc.

You need a very good Herbalist to use the 2 in the above to make them effective.


I use the following for 2 functions

1 for fighting my Lung Cancer

2 for my general pains and as a preventative for sickness



I use the following for 2 functions

1 for fighting my Lung Cancer

2 for my general pains is for general health to keep me up and running, feeling good

and on top of it all

Royal Raymond Rife


At all cost, no matter what, you need to see your doctor first and to tell/inform him/her what your doing and/or planning on trying or taking, before using the following.

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Dave S,

I take:

selenium 200 mcg per day

Vitamin C 1000 mg per day



Calcium 1200 mg per day

vioxx 25 mg per day (for the cox 2 enzyme inhibitor)

tamoxifen 20 mg per day--to prevent breast cancer recurrence

baby aspirin--tamox makes the blood 'sticky'--this is to prevent clots, which I have read all cancer patients need to be on the lookout for, plus most people over 40 yoa benefit from a baby aspirin a day.

Green tea caps

Green earth foods--a blend of alge products, barley, whey, etc.

Have been over all of these with the docs and they say fine--keep doing what you're doing.

Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.

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