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Disability Questions

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Is there anyone here that may be able to shed some light on a few things ? I have decided to apply for Disability for now given the fact that i have been out of work since jan. and could be facing the possibility of being off for one full year.I am not sure i will ever be able to return to my former job or not...... I operate heavy equipment and work in a very labor intensive type job ! I have an appt. scheduled for May 23 with social security. Has anyone else with limited stage sclc applied for benefits from SSA ? I think i meet the criteria but i dunno. I do know that the whole time i am off the bills keep coming and the child support to my ex wife has got to still be paid. I may eventually be able to go back to work i dont know. I am not going to rush back before im ready i do know that. I still have several months of treatment left and then i will see how things are then.Any help or info here would be appreciated.......


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My husband has extensive SCLC so I don't know if Social Security treats limited the same as extensive, but when Hugh and I first decided he wouldn't be able to keep up the pace of working (he also works in construction) I went to the Social Security website which said SCLC was on their list of illnesses that automatically approves you for disability - it didn't say it had to be the extensive stage. We then talked with the oncologist to get his opinion and he agreed that Hugh should apply and was expecting the paperwork. The people at Social Security, were very helpful and pleasant, but NEVER once gave us a hint whether Hugh would be approved or not, so for a while we were a little nervous. I figured if it was on their list of automatic approvals they would tell us - they didn't. In case you don't know this: they will begin your disability payments 6 months AFTER your disability began because they figure everyone has enough savings/investments to see them through 6 months (HA-HA).

We applied, we waited, I called once they told me there was about a 2-3 months wait from the application date and approval. Hugh became ill and unable to work in September, we applied on March 18 and on May 9 a check arrived. No phone call, no letter, just a check. The amount was retroactive to March. Hallelujah! You receive the same amount that would if you retired now and you were 65.

Good Luck!

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Candy, I am very interested in learning which disabilities are listed as approved for ss benefits. Could you please post the web address for us. Thanks. Nancy O.

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