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Hey RY!


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Hey Becky & Don!

Yes I got the line pulled on schedule, thanks for asking. It is so nice to have that thing gone! Today I got in the shower for the first time not having to wrap my arm in Saran Wrap to protect the site.

Also, today was my first day of working an entire day. I have been working half days while I had to have the antibiotics. I have to have 16 hours of educational credits yearly for my job (thank you State of Michigan) so I spent the day at a conference in Lansing and will go back again tomorrow. It's been a long day, but I'm still hitting the chat room. :P

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Ry, GREAT NEWS!!! Hey, I know how it feels to have to use the saran wrap for showers.

When my husband and I were dating, we went jet skiiing, about 10 years ago, and I broke my ankle. I had to have emergency surgery, and then a cast, and for about 2 months had to keep my leg out of the tub...let me tell you, the FIRST THING I did when that cast came off was to get in the shower and stand in that thing like "Gorillas int he Mist", I stayed in for an hour!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY the freedom. Take care, deb

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Good riddance!

No rest for the weary, though, it seems. Please don't run yourself down (even though you do seem to have INCREDIBLE stamina!). A bubblebath sounds like a GREAT idea.

Bpttom line: glad you are doing better. Thanks, Snowflake, for asking about it--I had spaced the date.


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