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Poison Ivy // and Andrea's Rat Story

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Andrea, I enjoyed your Rat story so much, I thought of you as I had this insight.

We live in the country and have a lot of trees. I bought some Round-up especially to spray on Poison Ivy. I was walking all around spraying Poison Ivy vines growing up the sides of trees, as high as I could reach ... it reminded me that poison ivy on trees is like cancer on people. And me spraying Round-up on it is like chemo. Poison Ivy even turns color and dies first in the winter, just like chemo (hopefully) kills cancer cells first.

That is just not the kind of thought you can go around sharing anywhere but here.

Margaret in Iowa

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Hahaahha. That is funny. Isn;'t; it amazing how we can relate everything to cancer? Next time you go to the store, you could comment to the clerk how Round up is like chemo. it is funny to watch people's reactions :)

Did you hear about the truckers here in LA? I am not sure if it made national news, 6 truckers stopped in MAJOR rush hour on a MAJOR freeway, jumped out, sped away in cars and closed down the freeway for an hour to protest diesel gas and make a point. I was l ike hmmmmmmm...........if they don't get arrested, I can do that to make a point about lung cancer ;)

Just kidding, I think disruspting people's lives with closing a freeway should be subject to arrest. What if someone had to get to chemo????

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Imagine all those folks whose heads exploded when their rage boiled to "that point" at being held up in traffic! I smell a lawsuit...no, I think I smell something that's been out in the sun too long....

Lots of things can be like cancer, like a bad supervisor in a big company...eventually, that bad morale starts to leak... A rotten spot on a piece of fruit, gypsy moth caterpillars...flippin' DANDELIONS... (ah, the color of spring...green grass and then all those yellow heads...like a bumper crop of short blondes...)

Something to think about with watching people's reactions - if you were to say something like that to a clerk who had just been told that someone they love has cancer, the reaction would be one of hurt, big hurt. I would feel bad after something like that - kinda sick to my tummy. Just a thought...

Will have to get back to posting and leave more stories on the House from Hell for anyone needing a good giggle and cringe...


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