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Dear Peggy,

in reading what your hubby is on and has been on I saw that he had a severe reaction to taxotere in his 3rd week. Can you tell me about it as my brother will start this tomorrow. Thanks so much and God Bless you all.


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Hi Jane,

I just posted to you under your update today about your brother. Taxotere is really an outstanding chemo, and I don't really think an allergic reaction is all that common as your doctor said - I guess it could be if it weren't for the steroids given beforehand. Yes, my husband had a really bad allergic reaction and I posted a fairly long post under TBone's post today under NSCLC and Mesotheleomia, subject: Chemo Question. Why don't you hop over and read that and then send me a PM if you have anymore questions about my husband's experience.

I am praying extra tonight for your brother.



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