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Umm you know she didn't come to chat last night and she usually does. I was booted out for a little while cause the net went down but I doubt she popped in and out while I was gone.

No hall pass either. Ummm I will have to go over the rules with her.

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No hall pass. So where is the principal's office--and who is the principal, BTW? Not scared though, spent some time in principal's office as a kid. Would you like to hear about the time.........

Sorry all. I was out of town. Thought it was for only a few days but turned into a over a week. Spent time with babies. That was sooooo nice. Wore me out. But didn't have time to think about the C word.

Also, for some time, I just ran out of words. Don't know why, but no words would come.. I sure felt the joy for those with good news and the pain for those with not so good news. I just couldn't write.

Thanks all for being here and I apologize for all the posts that I wanted to respond to but just could not.

Love to all


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Elaine, you are forgiven. just put on your gym shoes when going down the hall and Ry and Becky won't hear your foot steps and you won't need a pass.

I think at times all of us have a hard time responding but this place is habit forming. One can go off for a day or two but then the third day is he//////. got to find out what is going on. Who needs prayers, who is doing great!, etc. Everyone is missed after the 4th day. That is when Ry and Becky really get hard on the case. Watchout for chickens crossing the road.....in your direction. lol....

Hope you are doing okay.....think of you all the time....

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