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Hello...my Mommy has NSCLC

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My mother turns 60 tomorrow and she doesn't want to celebrate.

In February, she went to the Dr. about some shoulder pain** she was having...Her being a long time smoker...he asked for a chest x-ray.

"Extremly fortuitous of him" "His words"

Well, they found something...After a PET Scan...and other tests. It was determined she has NSCLC Stage III.

She started Chemo of Taxol/Carbo on April 8th.

1 day a week.

She stared Radiation on April 6th.

Every day for 5 1/2 weeks

I feel helpless of course. My mom has always been the strong one...Now it's time for me to "take over" and I don't think I'm helping one bit...

She started off pretty positive...but since last week...It's been really bad.

She hardly leaves her bed...and the side effects are getting worse for her.

She has been talking about stopping the treatment...its not worth it..etc...

Thanks for reading..

and thanks for this group.


** The shoulder pain turned out to be just good ole arthritis.

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I'm sorry you have to be here but glad you found us.

Your mom is about three quarters through the radiation by now, and

that is terribly fatiguing. as is chemo.

Is there any chance you could get her online here where she could share her aches and pains and discouragement? The loving support one shares at this site makes a big difference in the isolation one feels after diagnosis, at the beginning of this bi*ch of a roller coaster ride.

I can't address the chemo, as I haven't had that kind, but I know that eventually it will be through, and hopefully will have done its job.

My treatment wasn't fun either, but I'm still here to complain :) .

Beats the alternative in my book.

Anyway, prayers for you and your mom.



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I also went to the doctor in December 1997 for shoulder pain. I had a " pancoast" tumor , named after a doctor who decribed the symptoms and problems of tumors that grow in the upper apex of the lung. Is that where her tumor is? All those are Staged at least II or higher. I am typing this and it is 6 yrs since I finished all my treatments, Chemotherapy and daily radiation for a couple of months, upper lobectomy, followed by a couple more months of chemo. I have been disease free since then . Keep us posted about your Mom, she is in my prayers now. Donna G

Woops, just noticed you said the shoulder pain was arthritis.

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Wow and hello. Gosh I know where you are and where your going to go. I have lived it and am living it again with my father. I lost my mom just last august to NSCLC and now dad has SCLC.

You will find your way through this and so will your mom. She has to want to fight it for herself. You cant give that fight to her. Once she sees that the treatment works, maybe her fight will come back.

either way just be there and cherish these days because even if she did not have LC no one is gauranteed a tomorrow.

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Hello and Welcome to the family. Your Mom is at a low point in treatment right now but it WILL get better!! I think all of us who have done chemo and radiation combined will agree there were days when we said whats the use and then we rallied and found the reason to fight it!

For me it was spending as many days with my grandson (and kids) as I can. My cancer has drawn us all much closer together as a family. I am sure your Mom will rally also. Be sure they are keeping good track of her blood counts as low counts make you feel terrible. Also, be sure she is drinking at LEAST 2 liters of water a day (not counting coffee, soda) WATER! Being dehydrated causes a lot of problems also.

I will be praying for her and please, try to get her to come visit us if she can. We are all here to help in any way we can.

God Bless,


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Debra, thanks for posting. Your mother is depressed, a natural reaction to the news of cancer. Be there for her and be patient. Tell her that my wife is Stage IV and was given 9 months. She is now in her 19th month and clear for now. We celebrate every birthday and special occasion, and so should she. My best wishes and blessings to you all. Don

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I'm glad you have posted. Your Mom was diagnosed at about the same age as I, although I am Stage IV. I, too, had Carbo/Taxol, then Taxotere. I wasn't a candidate for radiation, so I didn't have that additional assault. My first experience with chemo was very difficult and I was totally exhausted and did experience painful side effects. But I am still here and presently am on a less difficult treatment program now.

What your Mom needs to know is that it can get better. Maybe life (or health) will never be the same as before, but it still can be good. And, also, she could possibly lessen up on treatment...take a break...something could be worked out with her doctor.

Best wishes with this struggle and you both should know that you are never alone in this walk.



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Hi- I dont really have any answers about the chemo exactly, but I can tell you from my Dad's expeirence that his moods were up and down like a rollercoater for the first couple of weeks.

One minute he was is regular funny haha self, and the next he was ready to give up too. The single most important thing that Ive learned from this whole cancer expierence, is that although you may feel like your on this rollercoaster ride together, your Mom is dealing with it in herself... and as hard as it is... you have to let her grieve, laugh, or whatever she wants to do at the time.

Ive come to realize that as hard as all this is for me, its 100% harder on my Dad. Whatever decision she comes too in the end, she's bound to change her mind and her mood a hundred times from now till then.

Ive also learned that while my Dad feels horrible for a few days, he also ends up feeling great days too.

Take everyday in stride, and Im sure that your Mom will be feeling better soon. Best of Luck to you Both!!!

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Hi Debra and welcome.

Yes to what Jamie said.....sage words.

It is a terribly diffcult time for both you and your mother and you both must come to your decisions on life with full honesty and compassion for the other. I feel she will get better as treatment progresses, both you and she will have bad days and great days, you'll laugh together and cry together and most of all you'll celebrate life together.

I try to live and enjoy each day to it's fullest, but I do have some real bummers, Overall I have more good days now than I did before I was diagnosed.....I am now able to put things inperspective,

Don't give up


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I second MaryAnn's idea of having your Mom visit this board. My Father needed to know of some other people that had what he did (SCLC). He had questions that research couldn't answer and doctors couldn't answer. Just knowing other people in his situation gave him comfort. He doesn't go on the computer for this, but he does receive e-mails since I write in and send him all the responses. So, if your Mom isn't up for visiting the computer, pulling positive things off for her will help. There were so many days that Dad was discouraged, and slept even more than he needed to. The combination of chemo and radiation really was a battle for him. But he has won, for now, and is in remission. I'm hoping and praying for better days for your Mom.


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I'm sorry you are here but I'm glad you found us. There is much support here. I had the same combination of chemo and radiation for 7 weeks and yes it does knock you down. She is almost done with it and it will get better. Nothing about this disease is easy but there is difinitely hope. All I can really suggest is try to be a positive force for her and encourage her as much as possible although it will not always be easy. If possible get her on to this website and see for herself that there are many others dealing with the same thing and are improving. You will find that you are stronger than you ever could believe it possible. And you and your mother are not alone, we are here to give you both support and encouragement.

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I don't think there is anything I can add that has not already been written. My mum was diagnosed last year with Stage IV NSCLS and it has definitely been a rollercoaster of emotions. It sounds to me like the treatment is taking it's toll on our Mum. When my Mum was sick with treatment I had to remind myself that it was the treatment and not the cancer causing her to feel so crappy.

Take care



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Treatment can be very hard but there are often very real rewards. Is she in any support group? Will she come here and meet any of us who are doing well and enjoying life?

I am so sorry....This is a hard road. You are not alone.


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This group has been very helpful....

My mother is not a "computer" person, I wish she was. Especially now... I feel that this place would be a help in easing her mind about her side effects...etc. She doesn't even "like" the computer. :roll:

So, I try and print as much information that is relevant to her...and when she feels up to it..she reads it.

I wish I could do more...

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Your doing what you can. My dad wont come on either. He thinks chat rooms and message boards are for crazy people, although, he dosent mind getting the info through me. Anything I find helpful, I print out and he reads. Thats all I can do. And all you can do too. My Dad asks me to ask a question on-line, and I just laugh, cause I guess he thinks Im a "crazy person" too...

Keep us posted


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