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2 year survivor

David A

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I know, Debi's talking celebratory chickens, but if we sent TWO celebratory BUNNIES, by your NEXT anniversary you'd have...2+6+(6x6)+ (6x6x6) + .....holy crap, you'd have a sh*tload of bunnies! Hey, if you sold all them 'smart pills' they produce, you'd be RICH in a year...and have a house/yard/town/county/state/quarter FULL of bunnies. I'll bet your kitten would have FUN with that...when she gets over what you did to her...and realizes what a pain a "litter" would have been... HEY, could be therapy for the kitten so she loves her daddy again... :roll:

CONGRATULATIONS, David! No more waiting for that 2-yr-shoe to drop, get out and LIVE! 8)


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Congratulations David. Hitting that two year mark was very emotional for me. I also went right to the stats when first Dx. It's check up time for me now and the apprehension is building every day. It will be three years for me in July and I think we may be the group to prove the stats are wrong. Lets keep the good news coming. :D

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That's wonderful David. Two years is something to really celebrate. I felt the same way you did when I was dx'd. I still have trouble buying something new for myself, but I had to buy some clothes. They told me to eat all I wanted...keep my weight up....well , like a good patient, I ate....and ate...and ate.... :lol: So I had to buy a few clothes or go naked. :oops: I am thinking now about a new mattress. Congratulations.


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David A.-

Only 2 years???? It seems I have been laughing at your humor for much longer!!! :wink:8):?:D

Seriously, your post was so open and positive that I feel hopeful for us all. You are definitely in my prayers, good buddy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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