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2 year survivor

David A

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On May 6, 2002 I returned home from work at 2 am to find my wife wide awake(which was real unusual). I had just recently had a flexible brochoscpy, had been ruled out for tuberuclosis, valley fever, copd, and other fungus and lung diseases. After the broch with the scrapings they had it was determined that I had nslc. My wife being a friend of the Pulmonary doc who did the bronch, he had called her earlier in that evening with the news. I cried and cried and cried, felt like it was a certain death sentence, didn't feel like I should not buy myself anything new as it would just go to waste. I will never forget that early morning, I got on the net and found all the statistics which I know now are BS as I'm not a statistic.

The hardest thing was telling my parents, they are divorced, I had my older brother tell my dad, as my father has allways beat me up over my shortcoming(ie smoking) and I didn't need his negativism at this time.

I told my Mother on mothers day 2002, it was a very diffucult thing also,

but I'm so glad I told her. We lost my younger brother to diabetes at 33 in 1995 and I knew how hard it was on her, didn't want to cause pain for her. Mom is very religous ans spritual so that has helped.

I've learned to pray to God, for stregnth and to become a better father and husband, and alos pray for each of us on here,

Thank you all so much, you have helped me make this journey much easier and fun. Love, David A


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The Lord is watching over all of us and we are all survivors. He has a plan for all of us. I am so happy for you. Satatistics are just that and don't apply to us. As long as we believe and put it in the Lord's hands and let it go, we have beat this disease. I truly believe that, it is bigger than we are. May God continue to take care of all of us and provide us with a cure. Maybe Tarceva is one of our answers. Prayers for all of us each day!

Blessings, prayers and hugs,


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What a wonderful testimonial and I'm so glad for your two year mark, and especially for the positive things that have happened to you during this journey. I was impressed to see your praise of God, joy in being a better person, and your ability to cope.


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