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Lung Cancer and Diesel fuel

Guest Donna Gildemeister

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Guest Donna Gildemeister

This makes sense to me. I grew up in Boston. I knew as a kid when we went to the cottage the "air " changed - out of the city, we felt relaxed , sleepy , til we got used to it. I can't imagine the east coast air is cleaner today for I know here the traffic is 10 times heavier. A lot of you are saying "why does-- have lung cancer --never smoked" read this article and wonder if we should be building more highways, or should we be shipping by electric train, or cars run by electric or should our kids be riding on diesel fueled school buses, or should we all have individual garbage companys so 10 or 15 trucks run through the neighborhood or should we have all those private mail trucks, or home delivery of food all diesel trucks? Think about it. What does the future hold?

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Hey Donna.

What a WONDERFUL point you make, and thank you sooo much for sharing this website. It's NOT just a smokers disease, as we ALL know!!

Ya know, I almost wish it was just a SMOKERS disease. Then we wouldn't ever have to second guess where it came from!!! food for thought!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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