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Hello All-thanks

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Hello everybody, thanks so much for the support. This site is great. I'm not sure where to post the rest of...or another chapter about me. I looked in the General Posting but it seemed to be more for support than mere biographies maybe somebody can advise me on this. I posted originally under "Hello All". I was aslo a smoker for 20 years-1 pack a day on average. I was a professional musician for 13 years traveling up and down the east coast playing the Trumpet in cover bands, mostly blues/top 40. I received my Music degree and played with in local theaters and with things like Ringling Bros. Circus when they came to town. You know how much it sucks to be an accomplished Trumpet player with Lung Cancer? That is when it all sunk in, when I was in the hospital and realized that I was not going to be able to play the Easter Cantata. That was the low point but I was lucky I had a good nurse who talked and prayed with me. Of course the pain drugs helped with the moment as well, ha,ha. I had actually "hung up" the horn about 5-6 years ago for a full time occupation and am now a mortgage underwriter for a national lender based here in Richmond VA. Well enough of my life history. I pray for all of us.

David C

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