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My report yesterday was good but rather incomplete. There is no sign of metastasis and none in the lymph nodes. The radiation oncologist that I saw said the report mentions a slight increase in size of the nodule but did not give a measurement to compare with last time. Also did not say if it was smooth or jagged and even tho' a PET scan was done we still don't know if they are looking at cancer or scar tissue. She (the radiation oncologist) said she would ask for an addendum. She thought perhaps the radiologist was interrupted as he was dictating and thought he had included those important facts. Whether I get a copy of the addendum or not remains to be seen. If I haven't gotten it when I see the pulmonary doctor June 1, I may ask him to call and get it. You all understand my frustration, I am sure. I think she really did not expect to see me again because last time I was there I had so much upper respiratory infection, she wanted me to see the pulmonary doc. right away. Yesterday she kept repeating "I can't get over how good you are". Scheduled to go for another CAT scan in Sept. 4 months this time instead of 3. Meantime will enjoy each day and thank God for it.

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I'm glad you are doing so well! Now YOU telephone the place where the scan was done and request that an addendum be added to the report showing the size of the nodule(s), with a copy of the report and addendum mailed or faxed to you directly.

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