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News is not good


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If you have been following my story about my Brother you will understand where I am going as I am too hurt tonight to write too much. My Brother is in the hospital for the 2nd time this week. They have found fluid all around his heart and tonight drained it. They said that the cancer has spread to his heart and there were tumors there. It was not clear fluid but bloody and a lot of it. Tomorrow he is to have surgery and the DR said that if my family who mostly lives in NC wants to come and pay their respects to him they should come in the next week or two. He is very weak and still very confused but is not as short of breath as he was. Please all, as soon as you read this say a prayer for my dear Brother. I love him so. God Bless you all


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I am so sorry to hear this.I am praying for him and you.Keep your chin up and stay strong.Don't forget to take care of yourself.I hope that the family rallies around you as well.You know that all of us here will.Come cry or do whatever you want anytime you feel like it.Praying for us all.TBone

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Oh no, Jane! Oh, no! Oh, no! :cry::cry::cry: You have been such a wonderful advocate for your brother, trying to get him more help, praying for him, and at the same time still sending such wonderful faith-filled thoughts to everyone on this board. You are such a sweet and loving sister. This is just devastating news, and I'm sure your heart is breaking.

Because of your posts and our PM's, I'm going to stick my neck out and say that I bet you're thinking "If only I had . . . . . " "If only I called . . . . " or "I wish I had". Sweetie, stop it right now. I just know that's what you are doing, aren't you? Don't do that to yourself. Your brother's cancer was quite advanced and there just isn't anything you could have done to stop the downward spiral. And try to not let any of the family do it either. It just doesn't help. It will cause people to feel guilty, blame his wife, and all kinds of crap will just make all of this more painful. Plus, it won't help him either because he will sense that people are angry or bitter, and focusing on things other than HIM. Let God take over now, and you just be there to hold him and love him, and even cry with him if that's what he needs. Like Mo says, just cherish every moment. He needs to have hope right up until the end, and so do you. God does perform miracles, and you just never know who is going to be the one.

Tell jokes to him and make him laugh if he is able. When my Mom was dying, she always loved the song, "Do Lord, oh, Do Lord, oh Do you remember me? Do Lord . . . . " and she and I sang it all the time in the hospital. Then when other family started to come see her we sang it then, too, and she would perk up and clap her hands and sing with us. At the end when she couldn't clap or sing, she would just light up with a big smile. Another thing she liked was one of those singing sunflowers I bought her several months earlier that sang "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray." We took that to the hospital and would crank it up and everybody, nurses included, would sing right along. At her funeral, our pastor said he had never heard anybody sing "Do Lord" in the hospital, but that it was refreshing to see a lady in her dying moments, smiling, as the family and even the nurses sang along. I even sang it to her softly when she went into unconsciousness. Make him as happy as you can.

GOD LOVE YOU, JANE!!!!! Be strong! Be strong!



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Jane, how hard this must be. I will pray for your brother. Your help and caring mean so much to your brother.

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Keep looking forward, this could turn out allright. Hope your brother is in good spirits, and feeling positive. I know its hard right now, but I have faith in positive thinking. Best of Luck to your brother.


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