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BobMC again


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I sent him another card. I am cooking up a plan with a couple of my fellow cult members to send him a Chicken Dance Elmo. If that doesn't get his attention and get his butt back here I think we're moving up to live chickens....

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You should have let me send the damn chickens when I wanted to, Bob would have been back out of sheer fright of what was coming next...

And Gail, not acknowledging any membership in Ry's cult or anything.. I'm sure there is no problem with you joining... you would be a welcome addition.

You will have to check with Ry for the current entrance fee .. :lol:

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You're in luck Gail cause today only we're having a blue light cult special and everyone joins for free. :roll:

Debi, I am willing to admit I was wrong on the live chickens. Bob, if you're secretly lurking, be afraid, be very afraid.

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I have computer problems for 1 week and this place goes to the ---BIRDS--or maybe chickens!! My oh my!

I have looked for Bob since last night and wondered how and what was up. I need an update on how everybody is. After a week things sure change.

Love Cindy

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