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sorry haven't been here


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Hello dear friends,

I am sooooo sorry I haven't been around. Since Mom, Judy B passed I have moved to Copenhagen and have no had much access to the internet, but I promise you are all in my thoughts and I am working on something to help us all, you know for the cause. Just things are crazy!! Hugs to all my old pals, and know I care and to the newbies, welcome.


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And hope you are enjoying the country! Can I come???

My kids were in for 10 minutes this morning and I already had two in tears, (he called me a liar and a thief) and a special rock (found yesterday) was lost on the playground.


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hi everyone,

Copenhagen is amazing, but I am sad a lot about Mom. I have a couple people here I can lean on, or just to make me laugh when I am feeling sad, and that helps. The city is gorgeous and anyone is welcome to crash for a visit!

I miss you all and the board so much. I am getting my own laptop at the beginning of July, then I will be back more often.

Mig Dansk er meget gødt, no not really that good, but I am surviving, hahahahah

cheers. Steph

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