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Remembering Dave

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Thanks, everyone! We still need to get Dave totally dressed up as promised. I'm serious when I say this, but we are just so busy it's hard to find time for something like that, I guess. Dave is working full time and going full throttle. He planted a big huge vegetable garden, without my help at all, he goes out on his little john boat, he mows our four acre yard and field (we have four more acres that is wooded or wetland along with river we live on) - he's just so active it's incredible. I think we were SO worried about this scan because he's been having lots of aches and pains lately, but you know, the aches and pains are from using long dormat muscles!

Anyway, I just hope Dave can be an inspiration to those who are just beginning the fight. Please keep a positive attitude and focus on beating the disease. For those of you who are struggling, please know we pray for your every day. I'm sorry we're not as active on this board as we used to be, but we're just so busy we barely have time for the computer any more! Right now I'm stealing a few minutes at work . . .

Ray - GREAT PHOTO! You look wonderful, my man! Beautiful smile, too!

now I am ready to adopt another daughter from China. Faith needs a sister. I brought that up to the oncologist on Monday but he's not willing to sign Dave off yet for something like that. But I feel certain he's beaten the monster. But unless our doctors fight for us, we can't pass the medical part of a homestudy. The INS and State of Virginia are particularly strict about that. They don't want you bringing a child into this country and then dying and leaving her as a ward of the state or whatever. Geez. But we'll see. this is going to require ALOT more prayer, but I think we'll be able to do it! Just one more challenge, no sweat!

God Bless everyone,

Karen C.

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