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I Think He Hears Me


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So, those of you who have read my previous posts about receiving signs from my father know that he and I had a conversation when he was first diagnosed while watching John Edward on TV about my father sending me a sign if the time ever came that he was no longer here. He said he would send me his number, 987. Well, yesterday I was on the computer while my daughter was napping doing some reading on life after death and signs from loved ones. I read somewhere that the numbers 444 meant the angels were surrounding us. Well it struck me that I wasn't sure of the date that my father had sent me and my mom all of those other signs and the date that his number 987 had come out last month (see my old posts under "Sign from Dad?" and "Freaking Out"). So I came back to this forum to check the date I posted and freaked out again. Sure enough it was April 4, 2004 (444!!). So, I immediately call my mother to discuss what I had just learned. We were talking about all the signs I got that day, about the clock and his birthday 10:21 showing up and reminding me to turn the clocks forward and the bird in my garage and my mother feeling and hearing someone in her room that night walking around and the number 987 coming out in the Florida Pick 3 that same day (4/4/04). I then told her about all the signs I thought I may have received since then, like the shiny penny on my counter that wasn't there the night before when I went to bed and how I was reading about Pennies From Heaven and it's a common sign and about the tap on my shoulder that I felt one night while I was reading on my computer and crying over him and about finding the Easter cards on the day he died from last year that I gave him and and the one I gave him from my daughter on two different shelves in his closet where I had some of my stuff that I hadn't seen before (Easter this year was the first holiday without him). Also about the piece of paper I found outside my bedroom door that was cut out in the shape of a large teardrop that had white on one side with scribbling and a red background with green triangles on the other side. It looked like it was layers of paper, but it felt like wrapping paper, but if you peeled the paper open, it looked like a pair of wings. Unfortunately, I threw this piece of paper out. I have no clue where it came from. It wasn't there when I went to bed that night and it looked like and old piece of wrapping paper, but it was cut in that specific shape. All these things I thought were signs when they first happened and they say if your first instinct or thought is of your loved one or that it's a sign, it probably is. I wish I saved that peice of paper, but I said to myself, "No way, it's nothing", and threw it out. I think I removed it from the garbage a few times but eventually left it there. We also discussed how my mother had found lottery tickets in my father's car with the number 519 on them. There were two tickets from February that were left in his car. My parent's wedding anniversary was May 19th (5/19). I guess my father played that number every once in a while too, even though they were divorced. The funny thing about my mother finding those particular tickets in his car was that: 1. My mother never goes in my father's car (she was moving it out of the garage for me one day and found them right there in plain view). 2. I had driven that car numerous times since I brought my father to the emergency room in it on March 14th and then I drove it back and forth to the hospital to visit him after that almost every day that week and even after he died I drove it and I did not see two lottery tickets. I know I would have noticed them because my father's car is spotless and he wasn't of the habit of leaving papers around his car and if there were two lottery tickets sitting there in plain view, I would have taken them to check them. My mother said they were the first thing she noticed when she went in the car, like they were blaring at her. We even think she found them that same day in April, April 4th, because that is what started us talking about believing spirits were still around and that was the night that everything happened. She still has them by the way. Ok, well if you are all still with me here, sorry for the long winded post, after I hung up with my mother I said out loud, "Dad if you can hear me, please send me a sign". I usually just think it to myself, but I said it out loud yesterday because no one was around. This morning I went to get my haircut and then went to visit my Dad at the cemetary and again asked him out loud to send me a sign. I looked to my right and there was a wind chime hanging on a tree that I never noticed before with a big yellow butterfly on it. I thought, ok, maybe that's it. I went to pick up my daughter at my Mom's and opened the newspaper and lo' and behold don't you know what number came out last night in the Pick 3! 987!!!!!!!!!!!! I said, "Mom, guess what number came out?" She had already seen it and couldn't believe it either. She said, "Now do you believe he's still around". I said, "No." She said, "That's really sad that your father is trying so hard to communicate with you and you still don't believe". I said, "I want to believe very badly, but it's just too unreal and yes it is sad that I can't believe even though I want to". She said, "What more do you need, him to come and bop you over the head?" "These are the numbers he said he would send as his sign and here they are again after all this. Twice in as many months. Do you know how many years your father played this number waiting for it to come out?" Inside I was smiling, but I said to my Mom, "It's almost like believing in magic". Now mind you, my mother would be the last person to believe in things like this, but she strongly feels that this is the real deal and she's even more of a cynic than me. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this long post. I just wanted to share with you all. Keeps sending the signs Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here's my odd thing that happened. Two things really and I'm hoping that they are really from Chris. First, I have my clock radio's set in the morning to wake to the alarms, not music and I need 2 of them to get out of bed. They're set 10 mins. apart.

So I'm asleep and they both go off at the same time playing "It's a Wonderful World" by Louie Armstrong. Lasted for less than a minute. But I think it was Chris. He loved that song.

Then on Tuesday this week, I get up, and there's Chris's Delta SkyMiles card in the middle of the bedroom floor. It was inside a bureau drawer.

Scott, our 21 yr old, said it must be Chris way of letting us know that he made it to the "sky" and not down under :)

It was spooky but also comforting.


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