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Relay for Life


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This was my first trip to our local Relay for Life. I walked the survivors lap and got very emotional. As I walked, people applauded. It touched me that so many people were working to raise money for us all. There were many there that were being helped around the track by family and friends...some in wheel chairs, and the rest of us walking. They told a story about a little 8 year old girl that had cancer and wanted to be in the beauty pageant. She went on stage....smiled her perfect little smile and won. The rest of the contestants didn't even know she was sick. Then they took off her little hat and put her crown on her little bald head and her mother said she was the happiest she had seen her daughter. As I looked around there were so many young patients....I felt blessed. If you haven't tried it, you might want to participate the next time your community has their Relay.


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The Relay for Life is an Awesome community event. I began walking relay when my friend Cindy died of liver cancer. It was so close, and she was a Mom of three, our children were friends, and she lost her battle. I felt a need to do SOMETHING. I'm proud to have been a part of it ever since, but I didn't realize how much cancer would be in my life. My sister-in-law died of pancreatic cancer, my Mother in law of colon cancer, my Aunt of SCLC and now my Dad battling this vicious disease. Last year was our town's first year and we raised $165,000! I'm hoping to get Chick (my Dad) to walk the survivor lap! I am so touched by the luminaria display. I especially like the signs around the track that states cancer statistics. It can really hit home. I believe the ACS only takes 10%, which means that 90% go to research, etc. I'm hoping to put out information for lchelp at my silent auction/relay tables to spread the word. This forum has truly helped me and my father and I would love people to know about it.

I can be a chatty person, I guess. I try to make my posts short, but I just go on and on....


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