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Please 'O' Please lend me some advise for this question


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Please help me answer this for a newbie...

I am 59 years old, was diagnosed with nsclc last May. It's non operable, and

not curable. I have a pleural infusion, have had my lung tapped two times,

very painful. I have had 6- months of chemo. Treatments stopped in Nov. 03 so I

could get through the holidays. I went from 12-03 until 3-04 being stable. In

March cat scan showed the tumor was growing. I have been on iressa since then

and will find out on May 19, if the pill is working.

I would like to know someone else who has a pleural infusion. When they tried

to drain my lung, the doctor said they hit a nerve and did nerve damage. This

is where I have the most pain, he said, I would probably have to learn to

live with it. I would like to know someone that has had this done, tapping of the


I have gone to the James Cancer Center in Columbus, OH for a second opinion,

they told me the same thing, my own doctor did, and gave me two years at the

most to live.

I keep getting on the lung cancer help site, to see if I can locate someone

with my same problem, but have never really asked or wrote anything. I don't

know why I did now, except I keep getting these e-mails from you, and I am

beginning to feel like I know you.

Thanks for listening or reading!

Please post and respond to Jalkire44@aol.com

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Please tell the Newbie that I also have a malignant pleural effusion and have been "tapped" 4 times and ended up having the Denver Catheter put in 4 1/2 weeks ago.

I, too, have been having extreme pain since the catheter and now am wondering if they hit a nerve also. I am having it removed on Monday, so hopefully, my pain will get better.

Please tell the newbie that they can pm me if they have any questions.



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I also have been "tapped" a couple of times and I guess I have been lucky since they have not hit a nerve! The pain I feel is gone 15 - 20 minutes after the procedure is completed. Both times they have taken almost 2 liters of fluid and now have said the next time they want to do a talc procedure to close off the "sack" so I don't have to do this again.

I would be happy to give any other info to the newbie that I could. They can feel free to PM me if they like.

God Bless,


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Hi There,

My husband David has had two thorocentesis. The first one was done when he was diagnosed and before he had any treatment and they drew off two litres of fluid. He said there was no pain and he did not even know that they had done it until he saw the full bottles.

The second time there was very little pain and it did not take such a long time as there was not so much fluid. Both times there has been no pain after the proceedure. I think the worst problem we had was getting all the admin work done as they had lost his blood work results and would not do the thoro until they had found those. (It was Caeser Chaves day, and so the oncologist had all left ,save one< who could not find the records! What a performance and so tiring for Dave!

When he has the proceedure done they make sure that they are putting the needle in the right place by doing some kind of radio screening. The make him sit' bending over slightly, (leaning on a prop,) and put the needle in after using a topical anaesthetic. Is this the way they did it with you?


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Thanks to all of you that answered my questions, what wonderful people you are! I have been taken off iressa, the tumors have grown and spread to the liver and left lung. Have been put on Taxotere, started first treatment last Fri. will have #2 6/11.

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