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Duke of Earl - Chapter 62 - Just A Bunch Of Stuff


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Dear Book Club Members,

The Duke is doing pretty good. Says he feels better today than he has for awhile. We went out to dinner and he seemed to enjoy it and some of the old 'gotcha' humor was back and a little of the twinkle in his blue eyes.

He is very tired now, in his recliner, under his blanket watching Law and Order.

He saw the onc. on Monday, just a Hi How Are You visit. Onc. said he looks good, walking better and thinks he is the same as 2 months ago. Kind of a no new good news report.

But we have new bad news. I have a dear, dear friend who has been battling ALS for about 7 years. She has maintained an amazing can do attitude throughout this horrendous ordeal.

2 years ago she was diagnosed with rectal cancer and under went chemo and rad that almost killed her.

She is now in the end stages of the ALS - cannot really move her arms or legs and is experiencing breathing distress. Yesterday, we got the news that she also has squamous cell lung cancer. They did a CT this afternoon to see if it has spread. I could fill a real book with the sadness that has surrounded this woman's family. Please pray for her.

I also need prayers for my sister who is fighting throat cancer. She had a feeding tube inserted - standard procedure due to the swelling from the radiation. The feeding tube has leaked constantly since inserted. She is back in the hospital receiving nutrition both thru her port and an IV. They will try to do the feeding tube again next week. She lives in Tulsa and unfortunately Earl is not well enough to be left alone so I have not been able to visit her. And the women here will no how guilty I feel about this.

I sincerely hope that the next Duke of Earl chapter will be in Good News.

I hope all the Mothers here do not have to cook tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day.


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Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day, Ginny. I'm glad the Duke is feeling a little better, but I am so sorry about your friend and your sister. That's sad that you can't go see your sister right now, but I'm sure she understands. Prayers coming your way for all three.

God bless you,


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Oh Ginny!

What a full plate you have...and the similarities to my life are almost breathtaking!

We buried my Grandfather last Sat., he also like your dear friend suffered from ALS, but only made it 18 months. It sounds like shes a fighter to me!

Hopefully all will go well with that. My grandpa also lost the use of his voice, which was very hard on him, cause he LOVED to boss us all around :wink: , That disease is absolutly horrible.

I cant imagine having ALS and ANYTHING else... so sorry

About your sister too, everything will have to turn up for you and Duke, things cant go wrong forever right....

Best of luck to you, "Duke of Earl" your family, and friends

Sincerely hurt for you


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:cry: Oh my gosh Ginny I am so sorry about your dear friend and sister. You have so much going on right now. I wish you strength to get through this.

I am glad the Duke is doing well.... that is a relief. You certainly do need a breather and a break somewhere.

Take it easy.


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I understand about your guilt feelings over not being able to be with her right now. Sometimes I think we are not meant to understand why we are put in these terrible positions.

Glad Duke is feeling a little better and please don't feel guilty about things that you cannot change. You are in the only place you can be right now.


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I'm glad ol' blue eyes are twinklin' again! How nice to have a pleasanter tone at home...to help you deal with the stuff with the friend and the sister...and the other day-to-day stuff that can wear you down...

So, after last year, I've reflected on WHY so many "bad" things seem to happen at one time in life...and I've thought that MAYBE it's just perception after the first "bad thing" because there's now a chink in your armor....but I think it's more than that... I think it may be to help us dwell less on just ONE bad thing and spread out the concern. Any of the things going on in your life could be a butt-kicker on its own and you are juggling a few of them. Amazing what strength we truly have...maybe by spreading out concerns we are being shown that we have more strength than we knew...

Oh, and MAYBE I'm just tired and experiencing some weird thoughts due to new medication...who knows?

Take care, Ginny. Take the time to breathe and re-fuel your caring tank!

Love ya,


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Your news about how well The Duke is doing made my night. I hope that as time passes and more of those meds clear his system you see more of the "real" Duke of Earl.

I won't forget to include your sister and your friend in my prayers tonight.

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I am so glad the Duke is feeling a bit better but sorry to hear of your sister and friend. Sometimes it seems like there is no end in sight but then something good will happen to brighten the way even just a little bit.

I will be praying for a "Bright spot" for you!

God Bless,


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