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Tian Xian Liquid as a supplement treatment to Lung Cancer.

Guest mgee

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Guest mgee

My name is Margaret Gee. My mom (71) was diagnosis with NSCLS last week. We're going to get an abdominal CT Scan this Monday to see if the cancer has spread, but her doctor is not hopeful. He very matter of factly told me my mom has about 1 year, which was devastating for us b/c my mom feels fine except for one cough that she had 4 weeks ago that contained about a teaspoon worth of blood.

My mom is in pretty good spirit and believe she can fight it. However, I'm a mess. I'm expecting in a few weeks and the thought that my mom won't be around to see my son grow up is heart-breaking. I'm trying to be strong for her, but it's so hard.

Since her diagnosis, I've found this site and it's given me hope that my mom can fight this disease and that statistics from the doctor is just that. I also went in search of what treatments are available and came across a site discussing an herbal supplement, Tian Xian Liquid, which can be use along side with chemo. I read some incredible testimonies online, but want to find out more about it. This medication is very expensive ($890 per set) which I'm willing to pay. However, I'm not sure if it's a hoax. Could someone let me know if they have every heard of this herbal supplement or tried it themselves? Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I researched that product also but could not come up with any definite conclusions, other than it could be a very expensive mistake if the claims aren't factual.

You might want to look in this forum under the topic SUPPLEMENTS to see what some of us take to help defeat the cancer. I think most of what is posted there has been documented as helpful in various research studies.

I've also heard positive remarks (in books) about Ukrain. You might want to look into that too. I believe you must have a prescription and someone to inject that drug. The main doctor who distributes it is in Germany.

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