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Anyone out there with SCLC - limited?

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JoniRobert - If you haven't found it yet, go to the SCLC forum and post. I've been reading there since January and recently started posting. My husband has also been going through treatment since the end of January. You will get a lot of replies there. God bless.


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Hi. My Dad has limited stage SCLC and has just completed five months of treatment - radiation, chemotherapy and now PCI. Visit the SCLC forum, it has supportive treatment and just what you are looking for. Sometimes I go to other places, if I think my question/comments would help others or are general in nature. This place is wonderful!


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Hi Joni,

I was diagnosed with sclc in late aug03. I had 6 months of chemo. My most resent scan showed a small tumor on the adrinal gland above the left kidney. Doc thinks its benign since it did not light up on my last PET scan, so we will watch it for growth. I feel fine and continue to work full time.


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Dear Joni,

I'm 2 year suvivor of sclc, having gone thru chemo and twice daily radiation in April-June, 2002. Have had clean scans ever since, and aside from some back pain, occassionally, in the area where the tumor was, i'm feeling fine. Go to work full time, keep house, try to enjoy my life. I was 48 when diagnosed and healthy otherwise. There is great hope for your husband, limited sclc can be beat! Keep up hope and keep reading here, there's lots of valuable info and inspiration to keep you going.


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Joni -

Me too!

Diagnosed 11/01/02.........6 months of chemo/rad - and now life is as busy, full, chaotic and crazy as it was before.

Tell your hubby to keep a positive mindset - he CAN beat this.

Feel free to email me if you need some support,

Hugs and prayers,


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