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new diagnosis


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my husbands diagnosis was changed from sclc to nsclc and we did not find out till this Thursday....he has already done all radiation and almost all of chemo....they knew a long time ago...apparently just a slip up. they say it is still best treatment but, I read up on it and it looks like treatment is slightly different with different chemo drugs used. he did 30= 2 times a day radiation treatments. and cispatin and vp 16 1st day and vp 16 next 2 days for three days every 3 weeks.

what do you think?



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I was diagnosed with NSCLC in Dec. 97, I was first treated with VP 16, Cisplatin and daily radiation. When I had surgery in Feb 98 they said all that was left was scar tissue. I guess that means it worked for me, hope the same for your husband. Is your husband going to have surgery? or was it in bothe lungs? Keep us posted Donna G

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Hi Karen,

Sorry that I dont have any answers for you. My dad has NSCLC, but I dont know his specifics with meds, chemo or radiation. Just wanted to say Hi, and wish you and your husband the best of luck, you will probably get a million posts back for insight with your question.


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Dear Karen

Sorry you have the need to join us, but I sure am glad you found us.

As for your husbands treatments, they sound pretty normal to me for NSCLC. I too had VP-16 and Cisplatin, 9 years ago for my LC cancer treatments, along with 36 sessions of radiation treatments. These chemo drugs are also good drugs for fighting cancer and they are just as powerful as some of the new meds. (so I have been told)! Be it Small Cell or Non Small Cell, from all that I have read and learned, treatments are all pretty much the same. Most of the new chemo's are in the same family as VP-16 and Cisplatin. I was treated very aggressive for my cancer, so, I hope your hubby has as good of luck with his chemo as I did.

How is he doing? How are YOU doing???

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Hello Karen,

I had chemo and radiation at the same time in the spring of 2000 for my pancoast nsclc; on removal, the tumor was found to be DEAD.

The good stuff is sometimes still good.

Within a given cancer type are modifications of similar types of chemotherapy and radiation with regard to dosage and frequency.

Different doctors have slightly different opinions as to which treatment regime they prefer. As long as it works....

Good luck to you and your husband, and welcome.

And always, prayers...



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