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Calling all Fat Club Members


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I have been asked by several members why there has not been a meeting of the Fat Club in awhile. Of course, the people asking me this are the people that have lost weight and want to brag about it. Also, members that did not originally join in January now want to join (ten dollar membership fee :P ). So I am taking a few minutes to allow members to report their progress and anyone that wants to join now to do so (just kidding about the fee).

The line forms to the right, I'll start. I have little progress to report, except that I haven't gained anything back that I originally lost (15 lbs).

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Well, quit Weight Watchers (aggravated by the meetings! "You have to learn how to deal with those little stresses in your life - none of them are the end of the world" - oh shut up - have you been thru chemo and radiation?)

Started Atkins not quite 2 weeks ago and have lost 18 pounds now! Plan to stick with this......


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Still eating like a pig :oops: , which is why I haven't lost any weight, despite a steady 15-17 miles a week running.

Got some Godiva chocolate from my wonderful 12-year-old son for Mother's Day, so I kinda doubt I'll post a loss for the month.

Anyone who wants to track what they eat and figure how the calories are being burned, look at www.fitday.com. Registration is free, the education, priceless :shock: .

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I haven't lost a micro ounce, in fact I gained 3 million mirco ounces, OUCH.

I have been gardening like crazy, and as stated before, I am the new honey of the 'Honey Do' list so I am attributing this lack of weight lose to muscle gain. (And we all know that muscle weighs more than phat)

Oh how we fool ourselves.


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Well, I never joined back in Jan but am happy to report I have lost 25 lbs. Have been walking about a 1/2 hr three times a week and watching what I eat somewhat. Hope to lose a lot more in the months to come but who knows, may end up gaining it all back and more......

Would like to buy some new clothes but not sure what size yet. Everything still looks ugh.....

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If you remember where you PUT the pound, it's not really lost, right? I'm SURE you can find a place to store it, Tupperware, Rubbermaid - all depending on how much you want to lose...

Now I KNOW that it works that way because Cookieman LOST weight while I was gaining it. I'm pretty sure he was leaving it in invisible puddles all over the house, just WAITING for me to step in it and "clean it up". Yepper, climbed right up my legs and onto my arse just like the fat I process myself... :roll:

Take care, I get what you're saying, also know that deep down, you're a "girl", too, and appearance, for some inborn stupid reasons, matters to the girl psyche... (I know this because no matter how "okay" I am with my emotional being, my PHYSICAL being HATES shopping for clothes and rating the cellulite hold time...LOL)



PS There's just more of us to love...

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I would join, but Rochelle will not let me. She says I am too skinny now. I can pinch an inch if I bend over.

If weight was years I would be a century and three quarters.

I can credit my weight loss to my excellent health. The first 40 pounds was due to diabetes. The second 15 pounds was due to chemo. I called my cancer center, "Judy's Hair and Weight Loss clinic". Judy is the wonderful head nurse at the chemo room.

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I don't know about you all! The one thing I thought would be good when I was diag. was WEIGHT LOSS. NOT ME!!! I have gained about 20 lbs. in the last 3 yrs!

Oh well nobody says anything to me now about my weight. Even the cardiologist says it is my bodies way of survival :?

Love and (hersheys) kisses


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Ok, I refuse to feel bad about the fact that I am like the incredible ever increasing woman.

I've officially gained 14 pounds since Jan. Added 4 inches to my upper body, 4 inches to my waist and 5 inches to my hips. :cry:

But Da_n it, something has got to give. I can handle the stress of building a new home. I can handle the stress of doctors, I can handle the stress of my fears and anxiety, I can even handle all the stress of my new job. But I can't handle all that and a diet on top of it.

I NEED MY ICE CREAM!!!! It is a survival tool. :?

I resolved that the more I try to diet, the more I binge and gain weight. So, I am accepting the fact that I am fated to be Huge and Heavy and will have to learn to be Happy with that.

If only I could get society to see things my way. Why can't we go back to the days where fat was beautiful and thin was awkward?

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Hi all....wasn't here when the Fat Club started.....but your posts got me laffin'!!

I started the Atkins diet last summer and had lost 50 lbs by this March :)

(loved that diet!!)

Now, I get told NOT to lose weight!!

Can ANYTHING in my life be simple??????

Gotta love it..........Mary :)

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Well, are we going to start the PHAT club up again? I need to lose about 14 pounds and nothing's working. I'm getting confused on this 'cancer diet' that's healthy but is still keeping me fluffy and bored - very bored. No sugar, no milk, no bread, no meat, no non-organic poultry, cut down on fruits, no sodas, no coffee. No wonder I keep cheating.

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