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We're at 1100 members......

Fay A.

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Goodness, Fay, as often as I'm either told where to go or to get lost, I'm surprised anyone CAN find me!

Then there's the 'go play in traffic', 'go tell your mother she wants you' (Dad's favorite), 'there's a village somewhere missing an idiot'...

Seriously, though, what a wonderful bunch of rag-tag survivors we are! I know I have a helluva lot more scars since I joined this bunch, so ya'll must be pretty darn hard on a body! (Or maybe I'M just hard on my body!)

Going strong, going long....and going...

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1100 seems like a lot until you begin to really think about the numbers. There must be millions upon millions of people who have been impacted by lc now and in the past, not to mention the future--in this country alone. Then to think of worldwide---- That would be some bandwith if we all were on it. I have been adding all those people to my thoughts lately. Those who don't have this board and especially those without access to this board. It's a lonely battle, and I am at least fortunate enough to have you all.

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