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Wonderful Wife of 43yr's and 9 children dxed sclc stage 4??

Larry H

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Hi my Wife was just recently dxed with stage 4 lung cancer and has just completed her first 3 day's in a row treatment.She like so many other's had her terrible desease discovered by accident.She had as so many no sign's of problem's just a small case of pnuemonia and low sodium count all noticed while in hospital for minor surgery.She is a ex smoker but had stopped 4 yr's ago after i had 5 bypasses that were caused from smoking.I then a year later was dxed with bladder cancer and now we are sharing the same ononcologist.

Now here is where my concern come's in on the staging.I noticed on her slip of paper the onc gave her he say's stage4 sclc assuming liver involved.On her initial ct's it showed no brain tumor's with a 3.5 cm tumor on lung and possible shadow on liver.The onc supposedly left instruction's for the hospital to do another brain and liver scan but hospital say's they had no such instruction's.We live in western Ks. and were not as upto date as the metro areasWere very comfortable with our onc but like most people in our town of 25,000 not to impressed with our hospital.

I'm sure when the onc see's her report he will make sure the scan's are done,but we have to wait untill he return's here.He cover's a very large area of Ks and we are so very fortunate to have truly great cancer nurses.I will end this intro by saying that this cancer has been in some way's a god send as we have returned to god and the church after a 30 year relapse,and as we've all heard so many times the lord work's in mysterious way's.Now we attend mass and have begun to understand christ's messages and how important it is to have treasures in heaven and not on earth.Feel no sorrow for us but give Glory to God on highest for giving us still this chance to serve him and hopefully set examples that will bring other's to him and if it is GOD's will then his healing.

tnx all for reading this,


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So sorry we had to meet this way. I have NSlC, but from what I know, SCLC is divided into limited and extensive, extensive being if it is outside the lung and/or in both lungs. But sometimes people do call extensive, Stage IV, I've noticed.

I am having trouble seeing this as a blessing, but I do know that as a human, I can't know many things. I just have to try to remember that some good may come of this. I celebrate and respect your attitude.

I am barely as old as you have been married. Maybe that is why I am struggling so much.

Pls feel welcome here and know that there are lots of good people who will reach out to you.


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Gosh, is Kansas infected or what? We are too from Kansas - Wichita to be exact. I'd be interested to know who your doc is.

My husband has SCLC in limited form. Yes, I heard them talk about staging but I have chose to stick to "limited", sounds better....My husbands is limited to the mediastium (spelling) and a few surround lymph nodes or "noids" as my dad calls them - ok, family joke.

In re the oncology nurses - we had wonderful nurses at St. Francis - I mean, we were so lucky to have them when my husband was admitted.

My husbadn too, stopped smoking 4 years ago.

Good luck, e-mail me privately if needed re: doctor. So far so good with ours - I wish we could have him live with us during this period and you never get to see them enough but he seems aggressive and on the ball and kind, what more could you ask for.

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Hi Larry and Welcome!

You've got me beat on the number of years married - I've only got 36 to brag about. I don't know anything about Kansas, except that's where "Dorothy" was from. :lol:

Just wanted to welcome you and so glad you decided to join us. This is one big happy family. Happy families share the ups and the downs, and that's what you'll get here.

I was glad to hear about your return to Christ. Faith is so important, especially when facing what you are. My favorite verse of all time and the one that gets me through dealing with my husband's dx is "All things work together for good for those who love God." Romans 8 : 28.

God bless you,


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How very odd. I live in upstate NY and recently traveled to Wichita KS to see a Dr for the treatment I have been wanting for over 1 1/2 years. Now I see there are 3 of you in this thread all from Kansas. How very odd indeed....

Dave S

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Hi Larry - (and other's from Wichita)

I am also from Wichita and noticed people posting about advice about choosing oncologists. My mother passed away from SCLC on December 13th and was under the care of Dr. Dennis Moore with the Cancer Center of Kansas located there across the street from St. Francis. He was a VERY BUSY oncologist who spent very little time with my mother and really doused any flames of hope that she had so I recommend not using him.

However, I do know that the nurses there are very nice and my mother really liked them. There are 5 or 6 oncologists with that group and they could probably be more helpful than the onc that I mentioned. In my opinion the best oncologist is one that takes time and shows that he/she cares.

My best wishes for you and your family.


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Dear Larry,

Sorry you had to join the 'Spouses Club' but welcome to the most caring and supportive group you can meet.

As you can see already, there is a wealth of information to help you and your wife through this journey.

How are you doing with your bladder cancer?

The only advice I have is to not let anything delay treatment other than the health of your wife. SCLC is a fast growing cancer but I understand it responds well to chemo. While bedside manner is nice with a doctor, the feeling that the dr. knows what he is doing and doing his best for your wife is the most important.


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Hi Larry,

I hope you find an oncologist who has plenty of fighting spirit.

I'm also glad you found your faith again.

Both, as well as you own attitudes, are an important influence on your physical well being at this time.

Know that you and your wife are in my prayers,



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About getting orders for another brain and liver scan, if you can call the doctor's main office, or maybe call your cancer nurses, he doesn't have to be in town to re-order the tests. He can fax the order in, if that is what he wants. Give them a call and tell them what happened, they can fix this easily.

Sorry for your trouble but very glad to meet you. My faith is getting me through all this, as I believe everything will be alright in the end, even if our end is in Heaven. Of course we hope for a lot more time here first.

Anyway, give them a call, if you need the tests you don't want to wait around.

Margaret in Iowa

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