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Update on dad


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Dad hasnt had chemo in 6 weeks. For the first 5 weeks without chemo he felt 50 percent better. The last week he has coughed more and has felt weaker in the legs. He was told a month ago from the oncologist that he would not give any more chemo. However yesterday he said that he can giv e him chemo but he wouldnt recommend it. Dad at this point doesnt want it. he has had 3 chemos before with little results.

I am currently looking into clinical trials. One is with cyclophosphimade with cell vaccines. It is suppose dto boost the immune system with less side effects. I hope he can get into this.

Dad has a pleural effusion in his right lung, but no doc has said to drain it. He got it drained once in Oct 2002, and he had a chest tube back in Nov 2002 but it didnt work. Do you think he can get it drained agian, so he can breathe better?

All I know is to never give in and to give up! good luck to all! buena suerte! gambatte!

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Guest Lainy


My Dad is in similar situation, in relation to the effusion. Dad has never had chemo...we chose the alternative route since the oncologists responsible for Dad's care reminded him moment to moment that there was really nothing they could do. :evil: I understand how difficult certain situations are to treat, however, some compassion may not have been too much to ask for. ANYWAY, back to why I am replying to your post, smile. My Dad had a chest tube as well. He is without it now and has been ok for a couple of months but when they were in the process of deciding whether or not to remove the tube they discussed the possibility that Dad may need to have a needle thoracentesis, apparently they remove the effusion with a needle...a process that is less invasive than the insertion of the chest tube. I am not an expert in this by any means, but maybe you could check with your fathers doc to see if this is an option to alleviate the shortness of breath. Best of luck to you. By the way...is it a malignant effusion...if so, maybe we could talk more often as there are only a few people on the board who have or are caring for loved ones in this particular situation...as far as I know anyway.

Take the best of care,


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