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Wife of 43 yr's 9 children dxed with sclc stage4

Larry H

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Hi all again and tnx for all the great responces.I am a illiterate computer operater and am having trouble understanding how to get around this board.So i'll answer elaine and all other Ks friend's.Oh by the way St.Francis is a wonderful hospital and they actually work with you on paying your bill,that can not be said for our med clinic and hospital here in Dodge City.Elaine Dr. johnson is our onc out here and he cover's clear out to liberal.garden City is not covered by wichita.

My wife is being so much stronger in her beleive that she will beat this monster that it shames me to be the actual weaker one.When they showed my wife the picture of her tumor after biopsy she showed it to me and said simply this is what i'm going to beat.To my wifes way of thinking this is just another road block she has to over come and the cancer center nurses are just amazed at her attitude.The day she was told she had lung cancer she allowed herself as she put's it one day of pitty and said now she had her pitty day it was time to battle the beast and get on with life.

I offer a prayer of healing to all who suffer this horrible desease in both body and soul,as like my wife say's no Doctor know's when you'll die only God.We lost our oldest son in 1994 to a hit and run driver and he never had a second chance even tho we made sure he recieved the last rites but to those who find it hard to accept your fate please stop and think that GOD is giving you time whether it be 6 month's or 6 years and that is so much more than many people recieve.I like to tell people that cancer is very bad but at least we as cancer patient's know what were dealing with and they may have something going on at this moment that's taking there life or health but just don't know.Thank's again for all the wonderful thought's and i'll keep everyone up to date and try not to make a pest of myself.If everyone lit just one little candle what a bright world this would be.........


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Thank you for your inspirational post. I have been just a bit down in the dumps lately. First time really since I was dxd. I'm hoping I just need a med check. Your post helped pull me up & get me back on track with my Kick A attitude I have tried to uphold since day one. As I sit here watching my hummingbirds fight over the feeder it reminds me of how important it is for me to stay focused & fight. Thanks again & my best to you & your wife.


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