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This was originally posted in the General Forum today, but I have moved it to the correct forum. Some of you already know that we linked to this petition for several months.


Below is an excerpt from a post by Lori Monroe who is a member of the BAC ListServe:

our voices can be heard.....

I am part of WALC, Women Against Lung Cancer, a group started by Joan Schiller from Univ. of Wisc.

They now have a web site www.4WALC.org

On the web site is a petition for more attention and support for LC research. It will be given to the President, Senators and Representatives. Please take the time to sign the petition and circulate to all of your family, friends and loved ones.

Lori goes on to say that if people want to run copies and circulate them at work, church, any places in their communities, they can mail the signed petitions to:

Lori Monroe

660 Crossings Ct.

Bowling Green, Ky. 42104



Dad dx. Stage 1 Lung Cancer -- Aug. 2000 -- lobectomy -- no other treatments; follow-up every 6 months with CT scan

Recurrance April 2003 -- Stage 4 with mets to bones (Adenocarcinoma with BAC features); Received 3 rounds of Carbo/Taxol --- very little change from chemo

Re-staged to Stage 3 Sept. 2003

Received 35 radiation treatments; shrinkage of most spots; however, something "else" which wasn't there is now there and they're not sure what; another PET and CT in May

Dad is 80 years old

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